Creative Writing for Kids

by Inna Kovtutska

1. It is your grandma’s birthday. You want to surprise her and make the unusual party. What meals are thereon the table? What sweets are there for dessert? Does she like flowers? Does she like cards? What can you buy to your grandma? What you handcrafts can you make for your grandma?

2. You have got clothes shop. What clothes can boys buy? What colour are they? Are they big or small? What clothes can girls buy? What colour are they? Are they big or small? What are you wearing today? Are there these things in your shop?

3. You are a chef in famous restaurant. Make up a menu for breakfast, lunch (hot and cold dishes) and dinner.

4. You are a tourist. Tell about your trip in a balloon. On the first day you were over the island. Write what the weather was there like. What animals were there? On the second day your balloonwas over the sea, what animals were there?On the third day you were in the jungle. Was it scary? Was it noisy? What animals were there?

5. You have got a clothes shop. Tell what clothes people can buy for thehot weather in summer. Tell what clothes you have got for the cold winter weather. What clothes you have got for football, dancing or other activities.

6. You are a Minister of Education. Make a timetable for the 4th form children. Tell about the lessons you like. Add new lessons you want children to learn at school. Say what children do at these lessons, can do and can’t do.

7. Tell about the most expensive and amazing house in the world. What is the number of floors and rooms. What unusual rooms are there? What furniture is there? What can you do in these rooms? What furniture is in the living room, bedroom, kitchen?

8. You are a wildlife photographer. Write about your day. What time do you get up? What do you do in the afternoon? What animals you like to take photos of? Why?

by Vika Shevchuk

1. Last summer you visited very strange camp. It was the best camp in the world and you wanted to spend your summer there. The camp was situated (розміщений) in the ocean. It was a huge glass cage and there were a lot of children from different countries. You could speak only English because team leaders knew only this language. Describe your summer in this camp. Did you like it or not? What did you do there? Which activities did it offer?

2. You are a festival creator. Life in your city is very boring, so you decided to create unusual festival. What do people do on the festival? Are there any firework displays and live bands? Who can take part in this festival? Are there winners in this festival?

3. You are an old and famous writer. You wrote a lot of different books about your adventures. You decided to write a book about your own (власну) biography and give it to your grandchildren. Describe your life from your birth. Where and when were you born? What did you use to do when you were a child? What could you do? Describe your adventures in the jungle and on the island.

4. You are in Antarctica now. You have dreamt about this journey all your life and your dream has come true. You want to write a letter to your parents about your journey. Describe your adventures there. What have you seen there? What have you done yet? What haven’t you tried yet?

by Lena Chala

1. Imagine that you have got into the book (film) about Harry Potter. What house do you study in? Describe your best adventure at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry.

Houses: Gryffindor / Hufflepuff / Ravenclaw / Slytherin

2. Imagine that you and your friends are present at the monsters party in the haunted house. Describe the party. What interesting events are happening with you?

3. Imagine that you live in the jungle.

Describe your life. What animals are your friends? Why? What do you do together? How do you protect yourself from the dangerous animals?

4. Imagine that you have found the seven colour flower. You have used all petals.

What did you wish? Describe your adventures.

5. Imagine that you have woken up inside the big space capsule. This capsule has landed on the unknown planet. What will you do? What are you going to do there?

by Matviychuk

1. You are planning to travel. You are planning to visit a historic/big/famous city. Write about the city you would like to go to. What is there? What is it like?

2. You have an interesting job. You are a doctor/a policeman/a dolphin trainer, etc. Write where you work and what you do. Describe your daily routine. Why do you like your job?

3. Recommend a few dishes for the party, write about the ingredients you need and instruct how to cook them. Use cooking verbs.

4. You are watching a program about animals. What animal does it tell about? Where does it live? What does it look like? What does it eat and how does it feed babies?

5. You are on holiday. You are on the beach. What is there around you?What are you doing? What are your friends doing? What is happening in the sea?

6. Write a letter to your pen-friend. Describe your town. What is it like? What interesting places are there? What stores are there? Are there any parks, cinemas, roads, etc.

7. You have got a new friend. You like him or her a lot. What does he / she look like? What is he/she like? What does he /she wear? What does he/she usually do?

8. You are in the forest. There are some animals there. What do they look like? What do they eat? How do they live?

9. Write about your favorite season. Prove that it is cool. What is the weather like? What about the nights and days? What is there around you? What do people wear? What activities do they do?

10. You are in a fast food cafe. What is there around you? What are you doing? What are you ordering? What are you eating? What are you drinking? What are other people doing? What are the cashiers doing?

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