Грамматика английского

like (preposition) + noun, pronoun or gerund He swims like a fish. You look like a ghost. I am like my brother. She looks nothing like her mother. The windows are all barred It is like being in prison. as (conjunction) + a finite verb Do as I do.Детальніше
The + adjective = plural noun the blind the deaf the disabled the healthy / sick the living / dead the rich / poor the unemployed the destitute the needy, etc.Детальніше
Auxiliary for the same verb after than / asI earn less than he he earns.  I earn less than he does. Auxiliary depends on tenseHe knows more than I did at his age. Omitting the verb in formal EnglishI'm not as cunning as you (are).Детальніше
Like is a preposition, used before noun or gerund. Alike is adverb or adjective and has a post predicate position. The brother is very like the sister. The brothers are very much alike. The walls are alike in color. Детальніше
as positive adjective as as tall as a giraffe as white as a sheet not as / so positive adjective as Man's laughter is not as / so bad as murder. Your coffee is not as / so tasteful as the coffee at a cafe. Детальніше
the + comparative + the + comparative for parallel increase The bigger the house is the higher the bills are. But the smaller the flat is, the less it will cost us to heat. The more disobedient the employees are the more probable they will be dismissed.Детальніше
Most Most = very (mainly with adjectives of two or more syllables) You are most generous = You are very generous. It is most annoying. Possessive noun or pronoun + most: It is my most favorite book.Детальніше
Than is for comparing two things or people:  The new blocks-of-flats are much higher than the old buildings. He makes fewer mistakes than you (do), she is cleverer than I expected.Детальніше
I heard means “heard” something from a specific source (a friend, newspaper, magazine, internet, etc) . It may have been once or multiple times. I heard the president had got divorced.Детальніше
Elder, eldest used for seniority within a familyYet the elder Bush turned out to have had the better foreign policy. Being the eldest child is a blessing and a curse. Science again says the eldest child Is the smartest of all the siblings.Детальніше
Verbs adding that + Subject + should / bare infinitive Examples agree I agree that she should be dismissed. arrange He had arranged that the visitors (should) be brought down to his office.Детальніше
Present Suppositional should + non-perfect should do should be doing should be done Past Suppositional should + perfect infinitive should have done should have been doing should have been done Types ofДетальніше
I want you / him / her / us / them / me / it to win.Детальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I You We They He She It Детальніше

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