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by Vika Shevchuk Situation 1 You are a famous film director. The last film that you created was the most successful. You are giving an interview. Tell about original ideas that you used in your film.Детальніше
1. Each child makes 5 statements what they are not doing at the moment as they are doing something different. I am not learning German. I am learning English. I am not watching TV. I am looking at my classmates. I am not sitting on my sofa.Детальніше
Age: kids Level: intermediate Shopping 1. What do you usually buy? 2. Where do you buy fruit and vegetables? 3. Whom do you go shopping with? 4. Do you like shopping? 5. Where do you like shopping? 6. When do you like shopping? 7.Детальніше
Your friend has fallen in love with a guy and she wants to date with him. She thinks that losing weight will help her to get him to date with her. She is on a diet and she eats very little food. She goes to the gym every day. Yesterday she even lost consciousness.Детальніше
1. Warming up. Look at the pictures and try to guess the topic of our discussion. (teacher shows the pictures of famous people one by one). 2.Questions for discussion (the whole group) 1.Who are famous people to you mind? 2.Детальніше
Task 1Traveller’s clubImagine that you are in the traveller’s club (in which people are sharing their opinions about different ways of travelling). Tell about your opinion.  For example: «As for me, I hate stuffy buses, trains, cars, planes. I like to ride my bike!Детальніше
Grammar: Present Simple GuessGive students cards with different kinds of sport. Each student describes his/her kind of sport. Other students guess.  ExampleMy sport is very popular in Ukraine. You need a team for this sport. It is outdoor kind of sport.Детальніше
Speaking Situations You need to go to the primary school and tell about healthy and unhealthy foods. You have travelled to Paris. Imagine yourself walking around a variety of eating venues. Imagine yourself going into one of them.Детальніше
1. Arriving at a family restaurant you realize that there are no soft drinks on a set menu and you were given no other menus except that one. You are having lunch at a fast food restaurant. 2.Детальніше
Topic: technology Grammar: will / going to Task 1Ticket to the MoonImagine that you are going to the Moon (or other planet), but you can take only two things. What will you take? How will you use these things on the Moon (or other planet)?Детальніше
Topic: clothes Grammar: Present Simple / Present continuous Task 1A criticImagine that you a fashion critic. (Give students pictures with different people). Say what this/that person is wearing (what kind of clothes/colour/material/style etc.).Детальніше
Each one in a group to discuss the questions is to read a question, repeat a question, answer a question. Family structures. Family relationships. “Marriage should be a five-year renewable contract, not a life-long commitment”. What do you think of this statement?Детальніше
How are the cheapest airlines or carriers different from the most expensive ones? How can one book a flight? How does the most comfortable arrivals lounge look like? Why is it advisable to check in at least one hour before take-off?Детальніше
Match the column of questions to the correct answers about the movie genres. Cover the A-L column and characterize the movie genres. 1What movie genres do you know?aactions and feelings of people who are inlove, whose behaviour which is very caring or affectionate.Детальніше
Talk about the consequences caused by different disasters. Talk about the following situations. Use either Active or Passive: Why are these disasters dangerous? (What is usually caused by different disasters?) What consequences can be caused by these disasters?Детальніше
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