Autumn begins in September and lasts until December. The beautiful and warm days of summer are over. The days and nights are no more as long as in spring. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. It gets colder, especially in the morning.Детальніше
Each of us has our own reasons for studying a particular language - study abroad, career ladder, love for the country and its culture, the list can be continued. If you can not choose which language to learn, then there are several arguments in favor of German. 1.Детальніше
Graffiti is a mark, scratching, scribbling or drawing on a surface on a public place: building, bridge, street sign, and another area. People have always drawn on the walls Ancient people drew pictures, wrote messages and drew caricatures on the walls.Детальніше
There is no more worldwide known British ritual than the ceremony and serving of Afternoon tea. In the early 19th century Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford had a habit of having tea not only between usual 8 and 9 pm but later in the afternoon too.Детальніше
Good LuckDo you know why there are so many greeting cards with featured cats in them in England? It is lucky there to meet a black cat. What do we do when we do not want to stave off bad luck? We touch wood and knock on wood. It is also lucky to touch wood in England.Детальніше
Early in history man began to count time by days, months and seasons. It was the beginning of a calendar. When he learned the movement of, the sun better he began to use the year to count time. The Greeks began their calendar from the Olympic Games, in 776 BC.Детальніше
Mum is the dearest for everyone! Mum is the joy for a daughter and son! Mum is the ocean of care and love! Mum is the sea, the devoted dove! Mum is a bird, a swan and a stork! Mumis the eyes watching us all!Детальніше
In Switzerland, in Austria or in Germany you do not have to worry about being stung by a poisonous insect or bitten by a poisonous animal. There hardly crawl and fly poisonous animals around.Детальніше
Tourists coming to Germany are amazed how clean it is there. The cleanliness, particularly in Swabia, was not "innate" but rather even coercive.Детальніше
Dress neatly and smartly.Speak politely.Be self-disciplined.Have a sense of humour.Greet one another with a smile.Say 'Hello' ,’Hi' in informal situations.Say "Good morning", "How do you do" In formal situations.Детальніше
Historians believe that advertising existed in ancient Egypt 6000 years ago.Детальніше
People all over the world hold various festivities each in their unique and peculiar way. Customs and traditions are particular to every country and even area. Nevertheless, Easter is an important festivity to a considerable number of people globally.Детальніше
No one really knows who discovered soapThere are a lot of legends about the soap discovery. There is a Roman legend, that says that soap was discovered in Mount Sapo. It is an ancient site of animal sacrifices.Детальніше
Valentine's Day has existed for more than 16 centuries. On February 14, many countries around the world celebrate Valentine's Day. The holidays of Love have been known since the times of ancient pagan cultures.Детальніше
by Marina Denega Visitors or guests stay in a hotel whilst on the business trip, school trip, sightseeing holiday, a vacation or during a weekend visit to a foreign city or country which is not native to them.Детальніше

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