The largest part of the land was covered with forests - a natural landscape. Humans had very simple tools to work on the land. Droughts and floods, cold and heat and specially severe winters, heavy rainstorms or bad weather could destroy a large part of the harvest.Детальніше
by Vika Rovinska Children all over the world like toys. A toy is an excellent tool for learning and development. Playing with toys can be an enjoyable means of training young children for life.Детальніше
by Tamara Myshak The Internet is a global computer network. This network connects millions of computers all over the world together. The internet provides a variety of information and communication facilities.Детальніше
by Marina Denega We need a lot of crockery or kitchen utensils to prepare, cook and consume our food. A can opener is needed to open soda bottles, bottles of alcoholic beverages and tins.Детальніше
by Marina Denega Dear readers, recently, our editors have visited Circus du Soleil to compile the most up to date summary of their famed acts. So to begin with, a crowd of gymnasts in leotards and singlets appeared.Детальніше
by Natalia Varkova How different the world would be without birds! Their chirping, their songs, their varied colours and flying - all contribute to the beautiful variety of life. But how often do we stop to listen to and observe them?Детальніше
by Larissa Katiukha An amusement parkis a park that features various attractions, such as rides and games, as well as other events for entertainment purposes.Детальніше
by Yulia Hrytsyna Nowadays we can’t imagine every single day without using money. Daily we perform financial transaction even without noticing it.Детальніше
by Inna Kovtutska Birthdays, things for celebrating birthdays, ways of celebrating A birthday is a special day for a person. It is a favourite children’s holiday. It’s an unusual day for adults. On this day we are in the centre of attention.Детальніше
by Lena Chala What do parents feel when a baby is born? They feel love, happiness and enjoyment, because they have expected for it for a long time. They are also worried because they take a responsibility upon themselves for a new life.Детальніше
Most countries celebrate Christmas as the most important holiday in the year. Christmas is a time of joy, fun, good mood and hopes for the best. Christmas comes in silence. On the eve of the holiday, noisy fairs cease, crowds in shops disperse, streets are empty...Детальніше
What do you know about Christmas cards? Do you know that only 15% of cards are bought by men! The most expensive card was sold at auction for $35,800. It was one of the most important days in the Christmas history. Sir Henry Cole made the first Christmas cards in 1769!Детальніше
by Tetiana Savchyna There are different kinds of families such as a nuclear family, extended family, one-parent or child-free families Your nuclearfamily includes spouses, parents and siblings, whilst an extended family includes in-laws, uncles, aunts, cousins and soДетальніше
by Victor Myshak Imagine a common kitchen cupboard above a sink. How could it be exciting? - you ask. Watch. I am an eight-year old cupboard in the kitchen. I hang above a stainless steel Sink with a tall shiny Tap. A number of residents occupy the room inside me.Детальніше
After going down on one knee a man says: Will you marry me? On hearing yes, he puts a ring on her finger and since the moment they are engaged or affianced.Детальніше
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