Jack is a driver. He has got a car. But his car is not new. His car is very old. It is 10 years old. One morning Jack decided to buy a new car. He opened a door of his old car, got into the car and started off. He knew that the brakes of his old car are worn out.Детальніше
Jimmy lived in the country, and he loved playing in a very shallow river near his house; but then his father got a job in a big city, and he moved there with his family. Their new house had a garden, but the garden was very small. Jimmy wasn't very happy.Детальніше
A long time ago, in a small house in Scotland, two friends lived together. Their names were John and Bobby. John and Bobby were not rich, but they were happy. They had a warm fire when it was cold outside. They had good food to eat when they were hungry.Детальніше
John was ten years old, and he was a very lazy boy. He had to go to school of course, but he was bored there and tried to do as little work as possible.Детальніше
Mr. Clark worked in an office, and he did a lot of important and difficult work, but then he began to forget things, and this made his work very difficult. One day he said to himself, «I'm going to go and see Dr. Martin about this.Детальніше
One day when I left the office for home I felt thirsty. I decided to come to the nearest restaurant. When I came in I noticed that the restaurant was very comfortable. There were polite and friendly waiters.Детальніше
Mr. Marsh was a senator in the government. One day he was driving to a town to make an important speech when he stopped at a small restaurant to have some coffee.Детальніше
George worked in San Francisco. He wasn't married, and he usually had his lunch, and occasionally his dinner in small restaurants.Детальніше
The man is a photographer. He wanted to take the original photos. He took a photo of his girlfriend with yellow flowers, but he did not like it very much. He took a photo of his cat, a dog, flowers in the garden, but he still did not like them.Детальніше
Peter was ten years old. One day his friend Paul said to him, «I'm going to have a birthday party on Saturday, Peter. Can you come?» Peter asked his mother, and she said, «Yes, you can go.» She phoned Paul's mother to tell her.Детальніше
Jack Hawkins was the football coach at an American college, and he was always trying to find good players, but they weren't always smart enough to be accepted by the college.Детальніше
A couple were going on vacation. But the wife was on a business trip. She had left some time before. So he went to the destination first. The couple had agreed that the wife would meet him the next day.Детальніше
It was the first day of our winter vacation. It was a nice winter day. It was snowing. The trees were white with snow. My friend and I went for a walk to our yard. There was a lot of snow. My friend Nick said, "Let's make a snowman, Mike!" "Oh!Детальніше
Six people were traveling in a compartment on a train. Five of them were quiet and well behaved, but the sixth was a rude young man was causing a lot of trouble to the other passengers. At last this young man got out on a station with his two heavy bags.Детальніше
Mr. Smith left his car outside his apartment one night, as usual, but when he came down the next morning to his office, he discovered that the car wasn't there. He called the police and told them what had happened, and they said that they would try to find the car.Детальніше

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