Bare infinitive is used after: can could may might should must will would dare not need not had better would rather would sooner letДетальніше
singular collective nouns (act collectively as a unit, in unison) (clues: a/an, each, every, this, that, its, etc) plural collective nouns (act differently, as individuals) (clues: they, their) Детальніше
Body description. Are you brunette/blonde? Are you brown-eyed/blue-eyed? Are your cheeks rosy in the frost? Are you heavy/thin/fat/thick/short/tall/well-built?Детальніше
House. Household chores: Do you look after your garden?Do you often scrub a kitchen floor? Do you like your neighbours? Do you live on top floor? Do you pay bills in time? Clothes/accessories: Do you wear clothes with pockets/ripped jeans?Детальніше
by Victoria Shevchuk Nowadays people have various means of transport at their disposal. But when I really desire to enjoy my travelling to the point of destination I always choose train.Детальніше
by Tamara Myshak When I am in the mood for travelling, first off all I plan my travel. I choose a destination. I decide where I would like to travel: somewhere in my native country or abroad.Детальніше
by Larissa Katiukha Max enjoys going camping. He finds it adventurous. He goes camping at least twice a year. He usually goes camping with friends. They camp on the bank of a river, or lake, in the mountains or in the forest.Детальніше
№ Rule Example 1. It + to be + proper noun(s) that (= more preferable)/who: It was Peter who/that lent us money. (not Paul). It is pilots that/ who we need not ground staff. 2.Детальніше
by Liliya Filonyuk Modern life is impossible without travelling. A lot of people like travelling by train because it combines speed, comfort and pleasure. If you want to travel on a train you should do some steps to board it. Firstly, you must buy a ticket.Детальніше
by Uliana Miniuchko Nowadays Travel Agent is a very popular profession because all people love traveling. Travel agent is a person who gathers information about travelling all around Ukraine or abroad. This person knows all details you need to travel.Детальніше
by Mariana Petrichenko Emma is keen on travelling, that is why she never misses a chance to open up new horizons. No matter where she may travel, either abroad or around native corners, she plans thoroughly her future trip.Детальніше
by Olena Soloviova If you are in a hurry and want to save your time, you'dbetter travel by plane, because it's the fastest way of travelling! But if you are airsick, the flight may seem not so nice for you.Then you can buy the pills for air-sick.Детальніше
by Victoria Kulbachna Modern life seems impossible without travelling. We travel because we want to see new countries, visit beautiful places, meet new people, discover their culture and living traditions.Детальніше
by Ludmila Nahorniak A pilot is highly educated person. Compulsory knowledge of English is necessary for this job. He is sporty and well fit. He doesn't have any annoying habits. Due to the serious rules and all sorts of demands to stay healthy he lives a healthy life.Детальніше
by Karina Epelfeld Motel is a roadside hotel designed primarily for motorists, typically having the rooms arranged in a low building with parking directly outside. When I travel by car, I don't usually book a room in a motel for one night.Детальніше
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