​Jack’s Argument

​Jack’s Argument

Jack is a small boy. He is the oldest baby in the family. He is only four years old. He is witty and clever. He is interested in everything. He asks a lot of questions. He is both curious and stubborn.

It is the hottest summer day. Jack and his mom are walking in the park.

‘Mom, I am hungry and thirsty,’ says Jack. ‘I want something to eat and drink.’

‘How about a bottle of water and a piece of pizza?’ asks mum.

‘Let me think. Water is OK, but pizza isn’t a good idea,’ says Jack.

‘Why?’ asks mum.

‘Because I want a bar of chocolate,’ answers Jack.

‘A bar of chocolate? But it is very hot now and chocolate isn’t good on a hot day. It isn’t good for your teeth, either,’ says mum.

‘It is a bar of chocolate, that I want. I don’t want any pizza. I don’t want any sandwiches. I don’t want any fruit. I don’t want any ice creams,’ answers her son.

‘I don’t understand. Can you explain?’ asks mum.

‘Yes. It is really hot and chocolate isn’t good on a hot day. It isn’t good for my teeth, but it’s very useful for my brain. It is a fact, isn’t it?’ retorts Jack.

by Olena Chala

1. Guess these riddles

It is the hottest season in the year. 


It is a dish with cheese, sausage and tomatoes. 


It is very sweet and yummy. 


It is not for eating, it is for drinking. 


They grow in the trees, they are sweet and juicy. 


It is cold but very yummy cream. 


We have got them inside our mouth. 

Write the opposites

1. witty – _________________

2. clever – _________________

3. curious – _________________

4. stubborn – _________________

5. the oldest – _________________

6. useful – _________________

Write the correct word

1. A bar of _________________

2. A bottle of _________________

3. A piece of _________________

4. I am hungry, I want something to _________________

5. I am thirsty, I want something to _________________

6. It’s very useful for my _________________

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