​Joker in the Hive

Once, Joker had drunk too much in a tavern and then became very tired. He wanted to sleep and chose a quiet place. In the garden were many beehives. Joker crawled into an empty basket and immediately fell asleep.

In the middle of the night two thieves came into the garden. They wanted to steal a hive full of honey. One thief said to the other, «We want a lot of honey. Let's take the heaviest basket!»

Now the thieves lifted up all the baskets. A hive was particularly heavy. «This is the heaviest basket,» said the thieves. «We'll take it.» But Joker was sleeping in this basket.

The thieves picked up the basket and carried it away. Joker woke up and heard the thieves talking. It was very dark, one thief could not see the other.

Joker lifted the lid slightly and pulled the front thief by the hair.

«Ow!», He shouted loud and scolded. He believed that the other thief pulled him by the hair. But the back thief said, «You are dreaming! I can not pull you by the hair. I have to hold the heavy basket with both hands.»

Joker chuckled and thought, «I like the game. I'll continue right away.»

He waited a moment longer, then pulled the back thief by the hair. Now he screamed and scolded the front thief. «Leave it! I have to carry the heavy basket and you pull me by the hair, I might fall down soon!»

The front thief screamed, «Do not lie! How can I pull you by the hair? I barely see the way! But you pulled my hair!» The thieves went on, bickering and scolding.

Now Joker pulled the front thief once more by the hair. The thief dropped the basket in pain, leapt to the other and hit him with his fists. The other one struck back. They stumbled and fell over each other, beating and bickering for a long time. Joker, however, went quietly back to the hive and slept peacefully until the next morning.

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