Language Center: A view from the inside

The idea

For a number of years we had been mulling the idea of creating a modern efficient comfortable student-focused centre for learning languages and we decided to build it from the very basis literarily. Thus our main office was built in record time. When we opened in 2008 we were not dreaming of a mountain of cash, our main dream was of providing our dearest students with decent conditions and excellent knowledge of the languages we teach.

Thinking of the name for our centre we wished it could reflect the core concept of our activities and have a Ukrainian origin and sound and meaning in English as well as being understood by everyone. Not an easy task, was it?

Towmuch (укр.Товмач) — we read the word in one of Ukrainian classics.

That dawned on us!

It is a noun which means an interpreter, a person who translates from one tongue into another and conveys the meaning helping people of different cultures find common language. It is also a verb which encourages our teachers to patiently explain the tricky peculiarities of foreign languages to their students. It sounds English too – TOW+MUCH — two in one! TOW — тягнути зa собою; MUCH — багато.

“Great!” — we exclaimed, “We are ready to TOWMUCH!” Are you?

The concept

The three R, as we call them, being Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. We have changed their archaic principles of education. In our case — Respect, Responsibility and Response ability — the core principles we pivot on in our educational work.

We respect everyone who has trusted their precious time and modest funds to us with a hope that we can help learn a language and we hopefully expect the same attitude to us in return.

We practice responsibility for the knowledge we very much struggle to equip our students with, organisation of the learning process, comfortable conditions for you, our own development and assessment of your success.

We are able to respond to any challenge concerning the language teaching, application or translation. Also we believe that communication in a foreign language depends greatly on the ability to understand and respond accordingly, whether verbally or in writing, taking into account cultural differences and good manners. This is, in our humble opinion, an important live skill to learn for everyone.

We love languages and try hard to foster the love in you too. Can you feel it?

We are absolutely convinced that the knowledge of any foreign language opens up a whole new world for a person adding various opportunities as well as broadening the outlook. Do you agree with us?

The Approach

Our slogan,Imagine. Discover. Achieve., is meant to reflect the approach we dwell on in our every activity. But the message in it has been aimed primarily at our students’ minds in order to encourage you to share your imagination, creativity, cravings for knowledge and aspirations with us and the others out there.

In such harmonious trustful cooperation and a pinch of diligence from you we will achieve any possible success together.You and we!

The methods

We are often asked, especially by anxious young learners’ parents what methods we use in our teaching. There is no simple answer.

Having been into language training for a couple of decades now, we have researched dozens of methods and methodic approaches, trying most of them out in our lessons, assessing, comparing results, assuming outcomes, guessing, playing by ear, using a bit of witchcraft and asking God for help. By extracting the most efficient, most useful, most motivating activities we have worked out our own original methods.

The only thing we can say for certain is we do not teach a language for the sake of the language itself. Any language is for communication, perceiving and conveying information, passing experience from generation to generation, expressing and describing.

An artificial language environment, we are trying to preserve in our centres, is the secret, key ingredient.

Oops! Shush, don’t tell anybody, OK?

Or say it but in English!

We know you can!

We encourage you to strive for learning something new, express yourselves, exchange information, share experiences or air your opinions.

You tell us what you think!

The teachers

Teaching a language is like coaching a sportsperson. It involves warm-ups, giving examples, drilling the structures, free practice and gym breaks. Does it sound like a sport routine to you? That is why we sometimes call ourselves language trainers. We are not the company of masters whose role in the past was to intimidate the poor kids. We are competent instructors, friendly advisers, knowledgeable councilors or even efficient coaches at your service.

We always give a chance to the young, talented and industrious. Although our personnel selection system is complex and thorough, the worthy and charismatic teachers who love children and share our views and passion can join us.

Furthermore we immensely value the skilled and experienced teachers who have been with us from the very start and through violent storms and sunny days. These sophisticatedintelligent local celebrities, real adepts of the language training could teach even a monkey to speak a foreign language if it addressed us. As a rule the younger colleagues respectfully turn to them for advice and always receive the aid they need.

All our instructors are highly educated, energetic and caring enthusiasts. These professionals devote their effort and time to making the process of learning as effective and enjoyable for you as possible. All along the path of learning with us you will find support and favorable attitude. Your most confusing questions will be answered. Just do ask!

The premises

We are closer than you think. There are three branches of our centre in three different areas of our city. Choose any in your neighborhood and spend less time travelling. All the affiliations are equally comfy and student-friendly. We do our best to preserve the high standards of language training in all of them. Our helpful office managers will gladly suggest convenient schedule and a course personally for you.

The class-rooms in our centres tend to be of moderate size, as we teach mostly 10-12 people groups, and the majority of them are light and cozy. The class setting is quite different from a traditional school class-room where children sit on rough stools behind one another seeing a teacher, a board and the front row’s backs. Our students on the other hand sit on ergonomic chairs at a huge table facing each other first of all as well as receiving attention from a teacher and overlooking the board and the visual aids. No one hides but watches their group-mates, listens to them, supports and learns in cooperation.

Come, see for yourself!

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