Similes: As Sly As a Fox

Similes: As Sly As a Fox
• As big as an elephant
• As black as coal
• As blind as a bat
• As bold as brass
• As boring as watching paint dry
• As brave as a lion
• As bright as a button
• As busy as a bee
• As cheap as dirt
• As clean as a whistle
• As clear as mud
• As clear as crystal
• As cold as ice
• As cool as a cucumber
• As crooked as a dog's hind leg
• As cunning as a fox
• As cute as a bug's ear
• As dead as a doornail
• As deaf as a post
• As difficult as nailing jelly to a tree
• As dry as a bone
• As dull as dishwater
• As easy as ABC
• As fit as a fiddle
• As flat as a pancake
• As free as a bird

• As fresh as a daisy
• As gentle as a lamb
• As good as gold
• As happy as a dog with two tails
• As hard as nails
• As heavy as lead
• As helpless as a baby
• As honest as the day is long
• As hot as blue blazes
• As hungry as a bear
• As innocent as a lamb
• As large as life
• As light as a feather
• As long as a month of Sundays
• As loose as a goose
• As mad as a hatter
• As mad as a hornet
• As nervous as a long tailed cat
in a room full of rocking chairs
• As nutty as a fruitcake
• As old as the hills
• As pale as death
• As plain as the nose on your face
• As playful as a kitten
• As pleased as Punch
• As proud as a peacock
• As quick as lightning
• As quiet as a church mouse
• As regular as clockwork
• As scarce as hen's teeth
• As sharp as a razor
• As sick as a dog
• As silent as the grave
• As slippery as an eel
• As slow as molasses in January
• As sly as a fox
• As smooth as a baby's bottom
• As snug as a bug in a rug
• As solid as the ground we stand on
• As sour as vinegar
• As steady as a rock
• As stiff as a board
• As straight as an arrow
• As strong as an ox
• As stubborn as a mule
• As sturdy as an oak
• As sweet as pie
• As tall as a giraffe
• As thin as a rake
• As tight as a drum
• As timid as a rabbit
• As tough as old boots
• As useless as a chocolate teapot
• As warm as toast
• As welcome as a skunk at a lawn party
• As white as snow
• As wise as an owl
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