Why crickets can sing

Why crickets can sing

by Olena Chala

It is a story about a small cricket. Why a cricket can sing?

Beetles, spiders, ants, caterpillars, ladybugs, worms and crickets are very small. They are different. They are red and black. They are green and brown. They are funny and scary.

Cricket: Good morning! Good morning, boys and girls. Good morning, everybody. Can you hear me? Can you see me? What am I? I am a cricket. I am a brown little cricket. My name is Voicy. I can sing. I can sing really very well. Listen to my story.

``Chirr, chirr, chirr…

— Who is it? What is it? Can you hear me?

Cricket: Yes, I can. I can hear you. Hello!

— Hello! Who are you?

Cricket: I am a cricket. I am a small cricket. Chirr, chirr, chirr…

— Wow! Your voice is nice. Your song is great. How can you sing?

Cricket: Would you like to know? It is a very interesting story.

— Yes, tell me your story please. I would like to know. It is very interesting. I am ready. I am listening to your story.

Cricket: I am opening my eyes. I am opening my big eyes. Wow! I can see. I can see different things. They are big and small. They are short and tall. They are beautiful! Look! Who is she? Who is he? I want to ask them.

— Chirr, chirr, chirr… Who are you?

Mum: I am your mum. You are so nice. But why are you whispering? Can you speak loudly?

Dad: I am your dad. You are so small. You are so handsome. But why are you whispering? Can you speak loudly?

Cricket: Hello, mummy! Hello, daddy! I don`t know. I have got a voice but I have got a weak voice.

Mum: Oh, he can`t speak loudly. I can`t hear him well!

Dad: Yes. He can`t speak loudly. I can`t hear him very well!

Mum: He is very small. And his voice is weak now.

Dad: Yes, he is really very small. And his voice is very weak now.

Cricket: Mum, Dad. I am really small but I am very brave. I can jump. I can jump into the garden. Hop, hop, hop…

— I am here. I am in the garden. There is green grass. There is a blue river. There are big and tall trees. There are small and short flowers. They are fantastic!

— Hello, grass! Hello, flowers! Can you see me? Can you hear me?

Flowers: Who is it? What is it? We can`t see you. We can`t hear you.

Grass: Who is it? What is it? I can`t see you. I can`t hear you.

Cricket: Hm, hm, hm…It is a pity. I am very small. They can`t see me. I have got weak voice. They can`t hear me. Hm, hm, hm… What can I do? How can I speak loudly. Hm, hm, hm…

Drop: Hello, cricket! Why are you sad? Why are you crying?

Cricket: What are you? What is your name? Can you see me? Can you hear me?

Drop: I am a blue drop. Yes, I can see you and I can hear you. Why are you crying?

Cricket: Nice to meet you ,blue drop. I am sad. I am really sad. Nobody canhear me. I have got a very weak voice.

Drop: But I can hear you. I can hear your thin weak. It is nice. It is so melodious!

Cricket: Really?

Drop: Yes, really. You voice is weak but very melodious. Can you sing? Can you sing with your weak voice? I think you can.

Cricket: I don`t know but I can try. Listen! Chirr, chirr, chirr…

Drop: Wow! It is amazing. Look around! Look at the grass. Look at the flowers. They can hear you. They are listening to you. They are very happy. It is fantastic!

Cricket: I understand. I can`t speak loudly but I can sing. I can sing a cricket song. It is wonderful. Thank you, blue drop. You are so clever and friendly. See you soon!

Look at me my friends. Can you hear me? I think yes, you can. I can`t speak loudly but I can sing. I can sing a nice cricket song. Listen to my song.

Chirr, chirr, chirr, chirr…

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