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Level: B1 Do men love shopping? Hardly ever. Bryan Bonaparte is a rare man who loves shopping. He loves shopping so much that he has even an agency that provides a shopping service.Детальніше
Hot Air Ballons are a great fun. If you do not fill the balloon with hot air, it is just a big empty bag with a basket on the bottom. The French brothers Montgolfier demonstrated the first balloon flight on September 19, 1783.Детальніше
Fill in the words in the text below Synthetic, flexible, spread, competitions, attached, sails, poles, string, inflatable, inventions A kite is a thing that flies in the air. It is _________ to the ground by a rope. Kites can be flown for fun, or in________.Детальніше
Jeder Mensch braucht ein Dach über dem Kopf. Studenten wohnen im Wohnheim. Junge Paare ein Apartment mieten. Die Leute die zusammenziehen wollen eine Wohnung brauchen. Die grosse Familien brauchen eine große Wohnung.Детальніше
Know – knew – known When I went to school… I _________ the map of my town, I _________ my neighbors very well. I _________ how to get to school. I _________ how to get to the shops. I _________ how to get to the library.Детальніше
Level: B2 A lot of schoolchildren misbehave at school. It means they do not behave in an acceptable way.Детальніше
Level: A2+ Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense: It was the first time, I _________ (come) to Paris. Before I _________ (put up) at the hotel, I _________ (send) a telegram to my wife who was in London.Детальніше
Open the brackets and put the verb into correct form 1. Each time mother tries to make the child __________ (go) to bed, he cries. 2. The man in the football jersey moved back, __________ (leave) room for the bicycles to pass. 3.Детальніше
Level: A2 Once upon a time there __________ (live) a powerful king. He __________ (be) very rich. He __________ (have) everything he wanted. But the king was not happy. So one day he __________ (go) to speak with a wise old man.Детальніше
Mrs. Wilson und Mrs. Smith sind Schwestern. Mrs. Wilson wohnt in einem Haus in Duncan und Mrs. Smith in einer Wohnanlage in Victoria. Eines Tages besuchte Mrs. Wilson ihre Schwester. Als ihre Schwester die Tür öffnete, sah Mrs. Wilson Tränen in ihren Augen.Детальніше
Grammatikgeschichte: Präsens und Präteritum Ich bin Student. Ich heiße Jill. Ich habe immer viel zu tun. Aber gestern war wirklich ein hektischer Tag. Ich verschlief alles. Ich musste um 7 Uhr aufwachen, aber ich wachte um 8 Uhr auf.Детальніше
Level: A2 Age: kids, teens Read and retell: Детальніше
Level: B2 Add -ing or -ed to the participial adjectives: 1.I left the party early because of the aggravate___ noise making my headache. 2.I felt so much aggravate___ by his moaning, that I thought I would hit him. 3.Детальніше
There is one subject before would rather: Would rather (not) do — Present/Future reference Would rather (not) have done — Past reference There are two different subjects before and after would rather: Would rather someДетальніше

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