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Mr. Harris had never married, and he lived in a small house by himself. He was always very careful about what he ate and drank and he never went out when the weather was cold.Детальніше
The Trojans saw the wooden horse, and decided to take it into Troy. Once it was inside the walls, the Greeks hidden inside the horse came out, opened the gates, and the Greek army captured Troy.Детальніше
Joe had a vacation, so he decided to go to the seashore for a few days. He got on a train one morning, and an hour later he was in a small town by the sea. A few minutes after he left the station, he saw a small hotel and went in.Детальніше
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson lived in a big crowded city, and one summer they took a vacation in the country. They enjoyed it very much, because it was a quite, clean place and very different from the city. One day they went for a walk early in the morning and met an old man.Детальніше
Johnny was nine years old, and he was a very bad boy, but his mother always hoped that he would behave better. Then one day, after he had come home from school, Johnny's teacher called his mother to the phone and said, «Did you know, Mrs.Детальніше
Polly went to school when she was six years old. She liked her first day very much. Her teacher, Miss Yates, was very nice, and the other children in her class were nice, too.Детальніше
Mr. Grey was a biology professor, and he had a big collection of extremely rare bones which he was very proud of. Then one year he managed to get a new and better job at another university. Because Mr.Детальніше
An old man went to the hospital. When the doctor came to see him, he said, «Well, Mr. Jones, you're going to have some injections, and than you'll feel much better.Детальніше
In the 16-th century the locals of the Lake District discovered a large uprooted tree. They took out the unknown black substance from under the tree. This stuff broke easily. It was shiny, and smooth to the touch.Детальніше
When George Jones finished college, he became a clerk in a company, hoping to advance to higher position as time went on.Детальніше
Alice was twenty-three years old, and she was a nurse at a big hospital. She was very kind, and all of her patients liked her very much. One day she was out shopping when she saw an old woman waiting to cross a busy street.Детальніше
Pat Hogan was traveling around the country in his car. One evening he was driving along a road and looking for a small hotel when he saw an old man at the side of the road. He stopped his car and said to the old man, «I wan I to go to the Sun Hotel. Do you know it?Детальніше
Steve was eleven years old, and his brother Tim was seven. Both of school, and both of them liked sports and games very much. They also liked fighting, but their mother wasn't happy when they had fights with other boys.Детальніше
Mr. and Mrs. Williams got married when he was twenty-three and she was twenty. Twenty five years later, they had a big party, and a photographer came and took some photographs of them. Then the photographer gave Mrs.Детальніше
One man bought a camel. The man who was selling the camel advised to make the camel walk by saying 'Few', to make the camel stop by saying 'Amen', to make the camel run by saying 'many'.At his first ride all went well. 'Few' he called and off the camel went.Детальніше

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