Change the words in bold in an appropriate Participle form He has slept the sleep of the dead, sleep badly for two nights.I woke up think about the impending meeting.The cafe was full of people, laugh and treat on the house.Give some money, the gypsy smiled,While glance at, Mary got shy.While obey my directions, the old man glanced at me suspiciously.Watch them dance, he raised his wine glass.The content of the letter write in haste was bulky enough.Подробнее
Charity World: Multiple Choice Grammar Test (Level B1)
The charity world is not without (1) _______ problems, and (2) _______ in ways which worry (3) _______ . Money is not the issue. UK giving (4) _______ by £1.1bn in 2012-13. The average amount (5) _______ is up by £2 to £29 a month, virtually back to pre-recession levels. Medical research overtook the 31,000 religious charities (6) _______ our favourite cause. After them came hospitals and hospices, and children and young people.Подробнее
My Suitcase (This is a...)
Level: starters Age: kids Skills: this is a… in my suitcase, alphabetical order, initial letter sounds. Draw a funny suitcase on the board or bring a real suitcase in the class. Teacher: This is my funny suitcase. This is an apple in my suitcase. This is a book in my suitcase… (as many words as many children in the class). You can write the words on the board if needed. A player begins the game by saying what this is in his/her suitcase.Подробнее
There was a king who (1) _______ that he was clever and could paint very well. His pictures (2) _______ very bad, but the people he showed them to were afraid of the cruel king and said that they (3) _______ his pictures very much. One day the king showed his pictures to a famous painter (4) _______ lived in that country and asked: “I want what you think of my pictures. Do you like them? (5) _______ I a good painter or not?”.Подробнее
break - destroy brake - make slower or a device to make slower Fill in break or brake: The repairman _______ up the old cars for their parts. Be careful the ice might _______ . When the storm _______ , run for the house. He slams on the _______ so as not to collide with the van. He heard tires squeal as the car _______ suddenly. You can take the financial _______ off in June. Answers: The repairman breaks up the old cars for their parts.Подробнее
A great deal of + uncountable singular noun or no noun. A great number of + countable plural noun. Fill in a great deal or a great number: _______ of discipline is involved in running business involves _______ of whine is made in Italy. _______ of trees are being felled to provide space for parking. An electric vehicle costs _______ of money. It sounds eloquent if you have _______ of English idioms at command.Подробнее
most 1. most = very (mainly with adjectives of two or more syllables) You are most generous. = You are very generous. It is most annoying. 2. possessive noun or pronoun + most It is my most favorite book. 3. the majority of a group or things Most students are lazy the most 1. superlative adjectives with two or more syllabuses My friend is the most sincere person. 2.Подробнее
Find it
Find the white and black pictures of at least ten words the first letters of which kids have already learned.  For example:batcatmanmatcapcabbaddadcanfatAsk children to find a word with the first letter C sound K. They find and color the picture, repeating the word while coloring. When all the letters and sounds are found and the pictures are colored ask children to make simple reports: It is a cat, it is yellow. Подробнее
High factor sun creams have become a necessity to protect us against dangerous ultra-violet light. But fears that creams are not protective enough have now (1) ________ scientists to develop sun-proof fabrics to add further protection against the damaging (2) ________ of the sun. A lightweight T-shirt, for example, has a sun protection factor of about 10, which (3) ________ that you could still get burned through the fabric.Подробнее
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