Choosing a university looks like a (1) _______ process. Before you start (2) _______ those university (3) _______ forms, consider the many (4) _______ that affect the “fit” of a university to your unique personality and educational goals. Remember that your first year is often a time to try a (5) _______ of courses, that aren’t (6) _______ in high school. Have a look at the university calendars and read the individual course (7) _______ .Детальніше
There is one thing (1) _______ from those glorious brochure shots of Machu Picchu: the crowds. If you go in (2) _______ season, you’ll be trying to commune with the spirits of the Incas alongside (3) _______ camera-toting tourists. The peak period begins (4) _______ late June, when the world-famous Inti Raymi festival (5) _______ in Cuzco. Colourful though (6) _______ , aficionados avoid it. There are just too many people.Детальніше
Read the text below. For questions (1– 10) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). A wild prairie dog, usually found only in (1) _______ , has been discovered in a field in Lincolnshire. The (2) _______ burrowing rodent, is not actually a dog but part of the squirrel family and (3) _______ eating sugar beet at a farm in Rippingale, near Grantham, last week. A farmer spotted the animal before managing (4) _______ it in a box and (5) _______ the RSPCA for advice.Детальніше
Программа бакалавра обучения в Британии - основные моменты Студент, который еще недавно окончил образовательное учреждение, в своей родной стране и получил разряд бакалавра, имеет право поступить в магистратуру, в другом городе или стране.  Европейские университеты, дают любому гражданину мира возможность, пройти учебную деятельность, чтобы в дальнейшем получить степень. Однако в образовании такого рода, есть один невыясненный момент.Детальніше
(1) _______ children, young elephants need discipline if they are to grow up (2) _______ responsible mem­bers of society. Orphan bull elephants in (3) _______ Game Reserve have turned delinquent because they (4) _______ taken in hand by their. (5) _______ . Earlier this month, a young bull (6) _______ at a group of tourists on a photo-safari, attacked and killed a profes­sional hunter who (7) _______ in to shoot it.Детальніше
(1) _______ the biggest, most muscular person in the world some people will do almost (2) _______ . Many people (3) _______ to use anabolic steroids, because they promise quick muscle gain. While (4) _______ large doses of these magical potions, you can actually see your gains (5)_______ almost daily- and this is how you can get (6) _______ .Детальніше
And what about the American (1) _______ of family? Most Americans live in one-storeyed houses with a lawn, two cars in the garage, two television sets and a few telephones. A typical family consists of parents and two children. When the children become (2) _______, they move out and live on their own. Hence, the family (3) _______ in America are not very strong. It is also not customary to live with grandparents. Americans protect in this way their (4) _______ and independence.Детальніше
Correct the words in bold: 1. The Smiths is sitting round the table and playing. 2. The Smith’s cottage is on the other side of the road. 3. Draughts are my father’s favourite game. He likes to play them in the evenings. 4. There is a narrow passage between two merries-go-rounds. 5. They are twelve years old twins. 6. The walls are decorated with lilies-of-the-valleys and forgets-me-nots. 7. The majority of the guests is dressed casually. 8.Детальніше
I could see the mountains of Petra in the distance and I heard (1) _______ sound — silence. But sitting near the top of that mountain in Wadi Musa, Jordan, I only wanted one (2) _______ thing…to go higher. Pulling myself over the rocks onto the next ledge, I found (3) _______ I expected... an even more breathtaking view. As I hiked up the mountain my desire to go higher only seemed (4) _______ . The (5) _______ I got, the more I wanted to keep going.Детальніше
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