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To teachers loving to teach English!

The idea of this blog is to share my 30-year experience of teaching foreign languages with anyone who cares.

There are several rubrics ranging from step by step teaching beginners to a plethora of grammar and vocabulary multiple-choice tests for advanced students preparing for the Ukrainian External Independent Evaluating Test.

One of the focuses is to practise confusing vocabulary, based on doing dual-choice tests, which will enable students to grip the meaning of the words from real context and eliminate a number of mistakes in a genuine test.

Active Present Tenses  Quiz
Look at the examples and answer the questions below. I am a dancer. I am famous. I am 17 years old. I am at the competition. I have been to  almost every country in Europe. He is my competitor. They are our coaches. I dance every single day. He dances worse than me. I am dancing now. He is dancing on Sunday. We are dancing better and better. I have danced at about all competitions this year. He has never danced.Подробнее
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