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The idea of this blog is to share my 30-year experience of teaching foreign languages with anyone who cares.

There are several rubrics ranging from step by step teaching beginners to a plethora of grammar and vocabulary multiple-choice tests for advanced students preparing for the Ukrainian External Independent Evaluating Test.

One of the focuses is to practise confusing vocabulary, based on doing dual-choice tests, which will enable students to grip the meaning of the words from real context and eliminate a number of mistakes in a genuine test.

Did not need to/did not have to – there was no necessity to do it and it was not done Need not have done – there was no necessity to do it but it was done Fill in the gaps with did not need to/did not have to or need not have done: 1. He __________ go on working. He had already reached retiring age. 2. You __________ wait for a bus, I told you that the bus drivers were on strike. 3.Детальніше
Correct the words in bold: 1. The Smiths is sitting round the table and playing. 2. The Smith’s cottage is on the other side of the road. 3. Draughts are my father’s favourite game. He likes to play them in the evenings. 4. There is a narrow passage between two merries-go-rounds. 5. They are twelve years old twins. 6. The walls are decorated with lilies-of-the-valleys and forgets-me-nots. 7. The majority of the guests is dressed casually. 8.Детальніше
A commentary by Debbie Pennington You have heard the saying: "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" So...how honest are you? If a friend 1— your opinion on her new haircut, his sports performance, her outfit, his new girlfriend...would you tell 2—or a little white lie to avoid a 3 — uncomfortable situation? If you chose the white lie, you're not alone.Детальніше
need not do, do/does/did not need to — absence of necessity dare not do, do/does/did not dare to — (not) having courage to do something Fill in to, where necessary 1.You need not __ knock or ring the bell; I have a key. 2.You do not need __ repeat the rule several times. I have caught it. 3.I need not __ lock the door, there is my brother at home. 4.I do not need __ add anything to her thorough work on the matter. 5.Детальніше
Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets. As if / as though in real or possible situations.Any tense according to the context is used. 1. Mila is looking around, as if she ______ search for something. 2. But it does not look as if it ______ be able get very far. 3. His eyes were red as if he ______ sleep at all. 4. I feel as if I ______ be in a kind of hostage situation. 5.Детальніше
I know that sounds clinical, but if you’re lactose intolerant or a vegetarian or even just a picky (1)__________ , living with a host family could be tricky. Obviously, your host family will try to be (2) _________ of your needs, but if your diet is wiIdly different from (3) __________, things could get awkward.Детальніше
Education Abroad (1) __________ a variety of study abroad opportunities for students to learn in over 25 countries. (2) __________ include: semester exchanges, dual degree programs, summer and short (3) __________ programs, international internships, and service learning. Programs range (4) __________ one week to one year and award academic credit.Детальніше
International Education Fairs "Education abroad" and “Education and Career" are the (1) _________ and most widely known events in (2) _________ life in Ukraine. (3) _________ twice a year they are an information exchange forums for (4) _________ education in Ukraine and abroad, (5) _________direct, comprehensive and precise information for school-leavers, students and parents.Детальніше
When it comes to (1) __________ up discounts, you can't beat basic research, be it physical or virtual. The more effort you put into researching prices and trends, rather than (2) __________ to take shortcuts, the (3) __________ your chances of scoring a bargain. Even before you're ready to purchase an item you're interested in, do your best (4) __________ its fluctuating price over time. You can do this (5) __________ web searches or periodic trips to the mall.Детальніше
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