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To teachers loving to teach English!

The idea of this blog is to share my 30-year experience of teaching foreign languages with anyone who cares.

There are several rubrics ranging from step by step teaching beginners to a plethora of grammar and vocabulary multiple-choice tests for advanced students preparing for the Ukrainian External Independent Evaluating Test.

One of the focuses is to practise confusing vocabulary, based on doing dual-choice tests, which will enable students to grip the meaning of the words from real context and eliminate a number of mistakes in a genuine test.

Gym Sequence. Right hand up
Right hand up! Up, up, up, up. Right hand down! Down, down. Left hand up! Up, up, up. Left hand down! Down, down. Up and down, Up and down. Turn around and sit down. Right leg up! Up, up, up. Right leg down! Down, down. Left leg up! Up, up, up! Left leg down! Down, down. Cross your arms, Cross your legs. Stand on your toes! Touch your nose! Turn around and sit down.Подробнее
What Are You by Profession?
Age: any Level: elementary Concerns: names of professions, places of work in, simple adjectives. Ask a student to stand or seat with his/her back to the board.  Write a name of any profession on the board so that others can see it.  Let the one who can not see a word ask Am I a doctor?… while a teacher and other students help the players to guess with prompts: You are at hospital…  The game is stopped after ten attempts. Подробнее
What Animal Are You?
Age: till 12 Level: elementary Concerns: names of animals, sounds animals make, places animals live in, simple adjectives. Ask students to pretend to be any animal they like.  Ask them: Are you in the forest? Are you big? Are you brown? If children still can not guess ask an animal pretender to make a sound. Подробнее
​Transport: Verbs
1. The plane _____________the airport in 30 minutes. a) pulls off b) flies off c) takes off 2. I was not able not catch the plane to LA, because my plane to NY was ____________. a) detained b) delayed c) deterred 3. Where will he ___________? There is not any allowed space here to park a car. a) draw up b) come up c) pull up 4. Vikings were very strong. It helped them to ___________ boats. a) row b) bow c) tow 5.Подробнее
​Travelling by Train
1. A separate section of a train: a) a compartment b) a van c) a carriage 2. A railway carriage selling light meals and snacks. a) a restaurant car b) a buffet c) a canteen 3. A cheap railway carriage with seats transforming into sleeping berths. a) a deluxe b) a couchette c) a compartment 4. A separate part or room in a car on the train. a) a restroom b) a compartment c) a berth 5. A place where we can see when the train arrives or leaves.Подробнее
1. The thunder ________ in the overcast sky. a) hit b) hissed c) rumbled 2. She liked walking on the ________ leaves and smelling autumn forest a) hissing b) rustling c) screeching 3. We stood in the church yard listening to the bells __________. a) ringing b) chiming c) banging 4. The computers _________ in the office and the employees were glued to the screen. a) were thudding b) were hissing c) were humming 5.Подробнее
​Food: Nouns
1. He ate a little turkey as he preferred _________ to meat. a) fish b) cereal c) poultry 2. Add a little _____________ to your apple pie – it will taste better. a) cinnamon b) cardamom c) turmeric 3. They recommend trying local seafood: mussels, mackerel, shrimps and __________. a) courgettes b) poultry c) oysters 4. Different cereals – oats, barley, wheat and _________ are grown in the country. a) cauliflower b) rye c) basil 5.Подробнее
1. Stealing something from someone's home. a) robbery b) burglary c) smuggling 2. The process of evidence examination by a judge before a jury. a) trial b) prosecution c) court 3. A punishment given by a judge in court to a person or organization on being found guilty of some crime. a) verdict b) sentence c) service 4. The crime of intentional starting a fire. a) arson b) firing c) mugging 5.Подробнее
​Animals: Moves
1. An eagle was ____________ high in the sky. a) drifting b) floating c) soaring 2. Three baby birds __________ from eggs. a) laid b) brooded c) hatched 3. Behind the window the hens were __________. a) clucking b) chirping c) crackling 4. The dog ________ his tail friendly and looked at me expectantly. a) flapped b) brooded c) wagged 5. The swan ________ its wings and flew above the water. a) flung b) flipped c) flapped 6.Подробнее
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