Пошук за тегом «зно»

I am writing to complain about/regarding/on account of/because of/on the subject of... I am writing to draw your attention to... I am writing in connection with… I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with...Детальніше
You’ve received a letter from your English pen-friend in which he/she accepts your invitation to come and stay with you in Ukraine for a week.Детальніше
1.  Прочитайте запропоновані питання на множинний вибір, щоб отримати уявлення про що йде мова. 2.  Потім прочитайте весь уривок методом сканування, але не починайте вибирати відповіді на питання. 3.Детальніше
У цій частині тесту потрібно прочитати уривок з тексту, за яким слідують питання. Для кожного з питань є чотири запропонованих відповіді (A, B, C, D).Детальніше
The "base word" (the most "significant" word) adds -s/-es a tennis shoe - tennis shoes a woman-doctor - women-doctors an assistant headmaster - assistant headmasters an assistant secretary of state - assistant secretaries of state a doctor of philosДетальніше
Subject Predicate (active) Object (whom) Bare Infinitive I We You He She Детальніше
Many a, more than one + singular verb. Many a day has been passed in leisurely reading.More than one error was discovered in the wording of the document.  When a noun phrase contains more than one and a singular noun, the verb is normally singular.Детальніше
Greeting a recipient Dear Mr / Ms (surname),  Dear Sir / Madam / Sir or Madam, Opening remarks I would like to apply for admission to the beginning of… I would like to be considered for… I am writing to apДетальніше
Letter Sample You have been invited to attend an interview for a job vacancy. Unfortunately because of a previous appointment you cannot come at the time they wish. Write a letter to the person-in-charge and explain your position.Детальніше
As well as - not only... but... / in addition to...1. As well as joins two subjects My neighbours, as well as my colleagues, have come to the party. [not only my colleagues but also my neighbours;] Neighbours are more emphasized than colleagues.Детальніше
Adjectives 1. Adjectives are used before a noun. She has got long hair. 2. Adjectives are used after appear, be, become, get, feel, look, seem, smell, sound, stay, taste, grow, turn as linking verbs. These roses smell nice.Детальніше
Rules Examples so + adjective / adverb They are so talented.She is so cute!His engravings were so plagiarized that he lobbied for the Copyright Act of 1735 as protection for writers and artists. They speak so fluently.Детальніше
A letter of apology can be either formal or informal. It can be written when someone has made a mistake, has failed to perform a duty or is not able to fulfil a promise.Детальніше
You and your family have recently moved into a new house.Детальніше
The difference concerns more the focus on the action after the word start than on the start itself. The same rule is used for begin and finish.Детальніше
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