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Are you good at languages? Are you quite at home with any foreign language? I’m quite at home with my English. I know three languages fairly well. I have a good command of the language. I have a working knowledge of English. They take me for an Englishman.Детальніше
Autumn begins with the ninth month, September. September has 30 days. While it is usually still warm out at the beginning of September, people have to switch on heating during the month. It gets colder.Детальніше
Graffiti is a mark, scratching, scribbling or drawing on a surface on a public place: building, bridge, street sign, and another area. People have always drawn on the walls Ancient people drew pictures, wrote messages and drew caricatures on the walls.Детальніше
Most Most = very (mainly with adjectives of two or more syllables) You are most generous = You are very generous. It is most annoying. Possessive noun or pronoun + most: It is my most favorite book.Детальніше
What do you know about Christmas cards? Do you know that only 15% of cards are bought by men! The most expensive card was sold at auction for $35,800. It was one of the most important days in the Christmas history. Sir Henry Cole made the first Christmas cards in 1769!Детальніше
Rules Examples so + adjective / adverb They are so talented.She is so cute!His engravings were so plagiarized that he lobbied for the Copyright Act of 1735 as protection for writers and artists. They speak so fluently.Детальніше
Головна відмінність полягає в тому, що дієслово Rise є неперехідним, тобто не приймає після себе доповнення, а дієслово Raise є перехідним, а отже приймає після себе доповнення.Детальніше
Close = having a very small distance between.Детальніше
Divide the group into two teams. One team – crosses X, the other team – noughts O. Draw the squares on the blackboard. Write different rubrics according to what has been learnt in these squares. Each team chooses the task and answers rubric questions.Детальніше
Take its toll негативно сказаться, иметь негативные последствия. take quite a toll on take a heavy toll take a toll on Examples Look at me. I am just 40 an I am a complete wreck.Детальніше
Used to do – колись робив Used to do використовується, коли мова йде про старі звички, стани чи повторювані дії, які відбувалися в минулому. Оскільки цих звичок, станів чи дій зараз немає, цей вислів може використовуватися лише в минулому часі.Детальніше
Quantity = something that is measurable in number, amount, size, or weight. a large / small / sufficient / negligible quantity of…Детальніше
Adding to presented type the given the supplied the presented the shown the provided the illustrated … What is visually presentedbar graph bar graph and pie broken line cartogram chart (s) column graph curve(s) datum/data diagram (s) dotted line (s) findings fДетальніше
Go haywire – барахлить (о технике), сходить с ума (о людях). About things: go wrong, break down, malfunction, stop working, behave wrong, get confused, out of control. About people: go berserk, furious, frantic. I have recently bought a new house.Детальніше
aircraft (самолет) craft (ремесло) quid () bison (бизон) deer (олень) moose (лось) offspring (отпрыск) sheep (овца) In a plural sense by the piece the followings add s/es trout (форель) carp Детальніше
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