Пошук за тегом «past continuous»

Level: A2 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense: This is a story about a Frenchman, an Englishman and an American who _________ (once travel) by train in Europe. They _________ (chat) about this and that.Детальніше
by Viktoria Shevchuk I. First of all students should memorize all the actions that are on the cards. A teacher names an action and pupils show it. When they’ve learnt all phrases a teacher may start the game. One student should be chosen.Детальніше
Past Continuous Active is formed by was (past to be form for singular subjects)/were (past to be form for plural subjects) +verb +ing (or participle I/present participle). Stative (that do not express action) verbs are not used in Past Continuous.Детальніше
In 1979 Dorothy and John Peckham, a Los Angeles couple, went to Hawaii on vacation. They traveled by ship. Some people on the ship were throwing bottles into the ocean. Each bottle had a piece of paper in it.Детальніше
Orestes Lorenzo was a pilot in the Cuban Air Force. Orestes liked the Air Force and he liked flying, but he didn't like living in Cuba. There was not enough freedom in Cuba.Детальніше
Therese Costabile is a cashier at a big drugstore in Cupertino, California. People can buy medicine at the drugstore. They can buy makeup, shampoo, watches, candy, and many other things, too. They pay Ms. Costabile for the things they buy.Детальніше
Walter Polovchak, a 12-year-old boy, was listening to rock'n'roll music. "Turn off that garbage!" his father shouted. Walter turned off the music. Walter and his family lived in Chicago, Illinois, but they were from Ukraine.Детальніше
Chicago, Illinois, is next to a big, beautiful lake, Lake Michigan. In the summer Lake 'Michigan is warm and blue. People lie on the beaches and swim in the water. In the winter Lake Michigan is cold and gray. Snow covers the beaches, and ice covers the water.Детальніше
In Brooklyn, New York, a little girl was playing with some boys. They were riding I bicycles and playing ball. "Diana!" the girl's father called. "Play with the girls! You're a girl, not a boy!" Diana's father sounded a little angry.Детальніше
Chi Hsii, an 11-year-old boy, hurried along the road from his village in China. He carried a basket of eggs.U.S. soldiers were at a camp near the boy's village. They were standing around a fire. When they saw the Chinese boy, they said, "Here comes breakfast.Детальніше
Manuel Garcia had stomach cancer. The doctors told him, "You need chemotherapy to stop the cancer." Manuel went to the hospital for chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is strong medicine. After a few weeks of chemotherapy, Manuel's hair began to fall out.Детальніше
Louise Burt was walking along a San Francisco street. Suddenly a man took her purse and ran. Mrs. Burt was very angry. She had ten dollars, her bus pass, and the keys to her house in her purse. Mrs. Burt ran after the thief.Детальніше

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