Пошук за тегом «plural nouns»

Noun + f(e)→ f(e) +ves a calf - calves, an elf - elves, a half - halves, a hoof - hooves, a knife - knives, a leaf - leaves, life - lives, a loaf - loaves, a scarf - scarves, a sheaf - sheaves (= a bundle), a shelf - shelves, a thief -Детальніше
The "base word" (the most "significant" word) adds -s/-es a tennis shoe - tennis shoes a woman-doctor - women-doctors an assistant headmaster - assistant headmasters an assistant secretary of state - assistant secretaries of state a doctor of philosДетальніше
few + countable plural, a very small number of, not enough. a few + countable plural, a small number of, not many but enough. little + uncountable singular, a very small amount of, not enough. a little + uncountable singular, a small amount of, not a lot but enough.Детальніше
Expressions of time, money and distance usually describe a measurement of the entire quantity which is thought of as a single entity considered together, not separately. Ten dollars is a great deal of money to a child.Ten kilometres is too far to walk.Детальніше
Words of Foreign Origin Ending in O Singular Plural albino alto auto archipelago disco dynamo canto casino hairdo halo solo Детальніше
Consonants + y = ies Vowel+y+s an ally - allies an army - armies a baby - babies a beauty - beauties a berry - berries a cherry - cherries a city - cities a crДетальніше
A separate countable noun + s (es) = the plural Sibilants o + es archipelagoes cargoes churches brushes boxes buffaloes dominoes echoes embargoes haloes heroes innuendoes Детальніше
Clothesbreechescoverallsdungareesflaresjeansleggingsoverallspantaloonspantspyjamasshortsslackstightstrouserstrousersscissors, pliers, tweezers, tongs binoculars, spectacles, glasses, forceps, shears, glasses, scales, Детальніше

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