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Victorian Christmas Level: B1 Pre-reading questions: What is a tart? Pie? Cake? Explain the difference. What is Victorian era? What century was it? What do you know about Victorian times? Based Victorian Farm Christmas produced by BBC.Детальніше
On Valentine’s Day we give cards “Valentines”, cookies, and candies to our dear people. In school children decorate their classrooms with red hearts and give valentines to their friends. But, do you know why we celebrate Valentine’s Day?Детальніше
Level: B1 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense: An English tourist __________ (come) to Paris. It was his first visit there. On the same day he __________ (send) a telegram to his wife who was in London.Детальніше
Hot Air Ballons are a great fun. If you do not fill the balloon with hot air, it is just a big empty bag with a basket on the bottom. The French brothers Montgolfier demonstrated the first balloon flight on September 19, 1783.Детальніше
There are many interesting facts about New Year. Let's plunge into this fest, because the New Year is coming soon!!! Have you ever asked yourself - why a fir tree?  The custom to decorate a Christmas tree was imported into Ukraine from Europe.Детальніше
Once upon a time, on a green field, under a curly little oak lived a gray hedgehog. Pug-nosed, with eyes like black beads and completely without needles, that we’re used to seeing today. At the time, only the green pine tree was proud of needles.Детальніше
This time last week I was preparing for a short-term tourist trip to some foreign city. I was choosing which items of clothing to bring along. I was checking the weather forecasts on my phone.Детальніше
Read the text. Choose from (A—G) the one which best fits of (1—6). There is one choice you do not need to use. Almost everyone has friends but ideas about friendship vary from person to person. For some, a friend is someone (1) _______ .Детальніше
On the night from October 31st to November 1st it will be "scary" again. Ghosts will be roaming the streets, houses will be gruesomely decorated and pumpkin grimaces will be shining everywhere.Детальніше
Imagine riding a wild dolphin. The dolphin's body is sleek and smooth. It feels kind of like a wet rubber raft. You hold onto the dolphin’s fin, while the up-and-down strokes of its strong tail pull you through the shimmering waves. What an adventure!Детальніше
Level: A2  Age: kids Once upon a time there was a little caterpillar called Katy. Every morning, after a long and comfortable breakfast with her parents, Katy went to visit her grandma Creepy. She lives not far from the hazelnut shrub where Katy’s home is.Детальніше
An old man lived in a village and was very poor; but even kings were jealous of him, for he had a beautiful white horse. The kings offered a lot of money for the horse, but he did not sell it. One morning he did not find his horse in the stable.Детальніше
All animals must rest, but do they really sleep as we know it? The answer to this question seems obvious.Детальніше
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