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Santa has many other names in different countries: St. Nickolas, Father Christmas, Father Frost, Grandfather Frost and others. Santa has a white thick beard, he wears a red coat with a white collar and a black belt, he also wears a red hat and black boots.Детальніше
Once upon a time, on a green field, under a curly little oak lived a gray hedgehog. Pug-nosed, with eyes like black beads and completely without needles, that we’re used to seeing today. At the time, only the green pine tree was proud of needles.Детальніше
There was a little ladybird who was called Magee. She was an unusual ladybird and other ladybirds always looked at her. The little ladybird wondered why other ladybugs were eyeing her. But she just could not find an answer to that question.Детальніше
Imagine riding a wild dolphin. The dolphin's body is sleek and smooth. It feels kind of like a wet rubber raft. You hold onto the dolphin’s fin, while the up-and-down strokes of its strong tail pull you through the shimmering waves. What an adventure!Детальніше
Level: A2  Age: kids Once upon a time there was a little caterpillar called Katy. Every morning, after a long and comfortable breakfast with her parents, Katy went to visit her grandma Creepy. She lives not far from the hazelnut shrub where Katy’s home is.Детальніше
Once upon a time there was a little penguin named Pingu. He was a very cheerful and bright young penguin who always wanted to discover something new. One day he went on a picnic trip with his parents to the coast.Детальніше
Selma and David were allowed to camp in the garden last time this year. It was already mid-October, but the weather was pleasant. In the evenings they lay with their heads outside and looked at the stars. But this time David saw no stars.Детальніше
It is Friday afternoon. Three sisters are bored. They are alone at home! The oldest is Jane. She is seven years old. The middle sister is Vivian. She is five. And the smallest one is Bess, she is just three. ‘Let’s play with dolls,’ offers the smallest sister. ‘No!Детальніше
One morning, Joker walked out of town along the highway. When he had walked for a while he saw a wagon coming. The horses ran fast, the carter drove them violently with the whip. He called to Joker, "How far is it to the city? Can I be there by evening?Детальніше
Once, Joker had drunk too much in a tavern and then became very tired. He wanted to sleep and chose a quiet place. In the garden were many beehives. Joker crawled into an empty basket and immediately fell asleep.Детальніше

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