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Creative Writing for Kids by Olia Petliak 1. Imagine that you can travel in the past. Who do you want to meet (Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Cleopatra etc.)? Why? Where would you meet? What would you ask? 2. You are a travel agent.Детальніше
Creative Writing for Teens by Inna Kovtutska 1. It is your grandma’s birthday. You want to surprise her and make the unusual party. What meals are there on the table? What sweets are there for dessert? Does she like flowers? Does she like cards?Детальніше
by Maryna Denega Task 1a) You are at the supermarket shopping for food. Write down a list of products you need to buy and how much of each product do you need. As you already seem to be ready to pay, you realize that you have left your purse/wallet at home.Детальніше
by Vika Shevchuk Situation 1 You are a famous film director. The last film that you created was the most successful. You are giving an interview. Tell about original ideas that you used in your film.Детальніше
Speaking Situations You need to go to the primary school and tell about healthy and unhealthy foods. You have travelled to Paris. Imagine yourself walking around a variety of eating venues. Imagine yourself going into one of them.Детальніше
1. Arriving at a family restaurant you realize that there are no soft drinks on a set menu and you were given no other menus except that one. You are having lunch at a fast food restaurant. 2.Детальніше
Topic: technology Grammar: will / going to Task 1Ticket to the MoonImagine that you are going to the Moon (or other planet), but you can take only two things. What will you take? How will you use these things on the Moon (or other planet)?Детальніше
Quantifiers:  a lot of / some / any / much / many / a little  Task 1I’m a chef. Imagine that you are a chef in a restaurant. Tell about your famous dishes. Explain what ingredients a recipe includes.  For example: Salad.Детальніше
Topic: clothes Grammar: Present Simple / Present continuous Task 1A criticImagine that you a fashion critic. (Give students pictures with different people). Say what this/that person is wearing (what kind of clothes/colour/material/style etc.).Детальніше

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