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Victorian Christmas Level: B1 Pre-reading questions: What is a tart? Pie? Cake? Explain the difference. What is Victorian era? What century was it? What do you know about Victorian times? Based Victorian Farm Christmas produced by BBC.Детальніше
Level: B1 Do men love shopping? Hardly ever. Bryan Bonaparte is a rare man who loves shopping. He loves shopping so much that he has even an agency that provides a shopping service.Детальніше
Level: B2 A lot of schoolchildren misbehave at school. It means they do not behave in an acceptable way.Детальніше
Are you good at languages? Are you quite at home with any foreign language? I’m quite at home with my English. I know three languages fairly well. I have a good command of the language. I have a working knowledge of English. They take me for an Englishman.Детальніше
What are the four seasons?What is the first day of autumn?What is the last day of autumn?How many autumns have you experienced?Describe the autumn season to your conversation partner.Describe the Indian summer season to your conversation partner.Детальніше
What time do people have breakfast in your native country?How long does a breakfast last? Are you eating your breakfast mindfully — hurriedly eating your breakfast in the car or as you are getting dressed or calmly at your kitchen table?Детальніше
1.Do you like summer? 2.What things about summer do you like most and least? 3.Are you having a good summer this year? 4.What do you like doing in summer that you can’t do at other times of the year? 5.How is summer different from other seasons in your country? 6.Детальніше
Conversation Starters Formal greetings How do you do? Good morning! - 01:00 - 12:00 (noon) Good afternoon! - 12:00 - 17:00 (tea time) Good evening! - 17:00 - 21:00 Good night! - after dusk Informal greetings Hi! Hello (there)!Детальніше
by Natalia Varkova How different the world would be without birds! Their chirping, their songs, their varied colours and flying - all contribute to the beautiful variety of life. But how often do we stop to listen to and observe them?Детальніше
by Tatiana Savchyna What do you feel when something unexpected happens to you?Have you ever had any unexpected but very pleasant occurrences? What were they? What did you feel?What are the reasons of earthquakes? What are the consequences of the powerful ones?Детальніше
by Natalia Shokot Warming up Guess what is in the other half ofthe picture. (Teacher hides a half of the picture and students asking yes/no questions have to guess what is depicted there). Discussion in group Do you like doing housework?Детальніше
1. Dear friend, I know that you go to summer camps every summer and like spending time there very much. I wasn’t in summer camp and I don’t know what it offers.Детальніше
What are the reasons why many people want to have families?Which is more important to you family or friends?Is it good to live in an extended family? Why /why not? What are the advantages and disadvantages of an extended family?Детальніше
Age: kids Level: starters What is your name?How old are you?How are you?What are there in grandpa’s shop? (bananas; carrots; peas; beans; melons; peppers; grapes;ice creams; sweets; cakes; lollipops)How many apples are there?Are they big or small?What colour are they?Детальніше
Talk about you and your friend What is your name?How old are you?How are you? (happy / sad / angry / pretty / brave / hot / hungry)Say what hair and eyes you have got.(brown/blond/black/long/short)Say what clothes you have got.Детальніше
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