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Level: B2/C1 1 People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.Детальніше
Level: A2 I live in the small town. Our family lives in the three-room apartment. It is located on the third floor of a five-storeyd house. It is 96 square meters and consists of the living room, the bedroom, my room, the bathroom, the kitchen and the hallway.Детальніше
Level: B1 Everybody needs a roof over their heads. Students live in the dorm. Young couples rent an apartment. The people who want to move together need an apartment. The big families need a big apartment.Детальніше
Read the textMarriage is a union between two people. Marriage reminds a contract when two people agree to live together and perform some duties. Sometimes people also call marriage matrimony or wedlock. Very often, people celebrate that they are getting married.Детальніше
In Latvia children usually start secondary education at the age of 6 or 7. That includes 9 compulsory and 3 optional years. There are options on getting both general education and professional training.Детальніше
All animals must rest, but do they really sleep as we know it? The answer to this question seems obvious.Детальніше
Clouds are made of water droplets. But what causes these droplets to rain, snow, or hail down on us? The water droplets that make up clouds are extremely tiny - so tiny that even the most gentle air currents will keep them floating in the sky.Детальніше
Autumn begins with the ninth month, September. September has 30 days. While it is usually still warm out at the beginning of September, people have to switch on heating during the month. It gets colder.Детальніше
The new school year in different German counties begins at different times. There is no so called common knowledge day in Germany, its September 1.Детальніше
The school year in Polish schools begins on September 1, or the next day after the day off. This day is not marked by anything special: there are no solemn lines-up, children just go to their classes.Детальніше
What time do people have breakfast in your native country?How long does a breakfast last? Are you eating your breakfast mindfully — hurriedly eating your breakfast in the car or as you are getting dressed or calmly at your kitchen table?Детальніше
Graffiti is a mark, scratching, scribbling or drawing on a surface on a public place: building, bridge, street sign, and another area. People have always drawn on the walls Ancient people drew pictures, wrote messages and drew caricatures on the walls.Детальніше
There is no more worldwide known British ritual than the ceremony and serving of Afternoon tea. In the early 19th century Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford had a habit of having tea not only between usual 8 and 9 pm but later in the afternoon too.Детальніше
Good LuckDo you know why there are so many greeting cards with featured cats in them in England? It is lucky there to meet a black cat. What do we do when we do not want to stave off bad luck? We touch wood and knock on wood. It is also lucky to touch wood in England.Детальніше
Early in history man began to count time by days, months and seasons. It was the beginning of a calendar. When he learned the movement of, the sun better he began to use the year to count time. The Greeks began their calendar from the Olympic Games, in 776 BC.Детальніше
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