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Level: A2 My name is Maria. I'm 12 years old. I have a large family. I always get up at 8am. Because my classes begin at 10 o'clock. I usually wash my face and hands, brush my teeth and take a shower in the morning. I eat breakfast.Детальніше
All About Possessives Fill in the gaps: my/mine 1.Is this book yours or ______? 2.It's not for them: it's ______ . 3.I broke ______ leg. 4.I am pleased with your company, as I make no doubt you are with ______. 5.Детальніше
There are eight planets in the Solar System. The smallest planet of Solar system, besides a dwarf planet Pluto, is Mercury. Детальніше
Read and translate: I am a pupil of the second form. I have got a bag. I have got a nice bag. It is blue and yellow. It is the big bag. I have got some lunch in my bag. I have got a toast with tomatoes. I have got some orange juice in my bag.Детальніше
Fill in the correct form of Gerund, Infinitive or Participle 1.The sound of the kettle _________ made the woman _________ a sudden jerk. (whistle, give) 2.He was strolling about, _________ to himself, and then, the weather _________ worse, stepped onto the porch.Детальніше
Level: B2 Paraphrase the following sentences using the model. Model 1. It is said (that) they learn Japanese. They are said to learn Japanese. 2. It is said (that) they are learning Japanese. They are said to be learning Japanese. 3.Детальніше
able, about, angry, afraid, anxious, amazed, ashamed, astonished, bound, certain, content, delighted, determined, disappointed, due, eager, eligible, embarrasseДетальніше
Fill the gaps with the correct form of full or bare infinitive. Never once had she been seen ____________ panic. Taking an oath while marrying is supposed ____________ hold people together. They are said ____________ drive out of the house by the evil spirit.Детальніше
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