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Guiltily, I ( 1) _______ my husband Bill’s dinner into the oven. Shepherd’s pie, his favourite. I was hoping it would soften him up when he got home... and (2) _______ out what I’d done. There was no way I could hide it from him. And sure enough... “Hello love,' had a good day?” he said, striding in. “Put the kettle on, I’m parched.” Hanging up his coat, he headed into the bathroom. “Argh,” he screeched. He ran out, white faced.Детальніше
Correct the words in bold 1. Every parent worry about what sort of world their children would inherit. 2. Americans invited to sample the food, the golf and the heritage of Scotland at a meeting holding in New York yesterday. 3. As populations grows, clean safe water will become an even most vital commodity. 4. It is essential that children learned at an early age the importance of water and the environment we live in. 5.Детальніше
1. But for his sense of duty he would not have taken such a decision. 2. She had a tickling feeling in her throat 3. Employees get a real sense of satisfaction from helping customers. 4. I can't convey my feelings in words. 5. Everybody adores her because of her sense of humour. 6. The feeling of missing someone is just like turning the ice cold water you have drunk into tears. Детальніше
Correct the words in bold He wrote a famous play in the 1950th. They are a couple which fell in love at first sight. They kept to meet in the waiting room. While wartime most people were poor. The train must seems the most unromantic of places. People meet on chance for good. John was one so person who met his future wife by chance. Because of being fallen asleep on a train he missed his station. It was just before the Christmas when they married.Детальніше
1. When students sign up (registers) for classes. a) entrance b) enumeration c) enrolment 2. All subjects included in the course of study. a) programme b) curriculum c) timetable 3. An academic rank awarded after the course of study at the university. a) degree b) diploma c) certificate 4. A task given by the teacher to their students. a) application b) assessment c) assignment 5. Students receive it regularly from their teachers.Детальніше
1. Stealing something from someone's home. a) robbery b) burglary c) smuggling 2. The process of evidence examination by a judge before a jury. a) trial b) prosecution c) court 3. A punishment given by a judge in court to a person or organization on being found guilty of some crime. a) verdict b) sentence c) service 4. The crime of intentional starting a fire. a) arson b) firing c) mugging 5.Детальніше
1. Can you ________ this onion for the salad? a) skewer b) shell c) chop 2. You are recommended to eat ________ vegetables and meat if you want to stay healthy. a) fried b) steamed c) scraped 3. The cheese for ___________ is on the plate. a) spilling b) mashing c) grating 4. Give me a spoon please to ________ the tea. a) slit b) stir c) mix 5. The father _________ big slices of roast turkey for us.Детальніше
1. The horse injured its ________ in the race. a) claw b) heel c) hoof 2. The leopard never changes its _________. a) spots b) stripes c) paws 3. A peacock boasts its beautiful __________. a) wings b) claws c) feathers 4. The elephants' ________ was dry and dirty because of the lack of water. a) fur b) hide c) skin 5. Jellyfish have got bells and ___________. a) scales b) quills c) tentacles 6.Детальніше
1. An eagle was ____________ high in the sky. a) drifting b) floating c) soaring 2. Three baby birds __________ from eggs. a) laid b) brooded c) hatched 3. Behind the window the hens were __________. a) clucking b) chirping c) crackling 4. The dog ________ his tail friendly and looked at me expectantly. a) flapped b) brooded c) wagged 5. The swan ________ its wings and flew above the water. a) flung b) flipped c) flapped 6.Детальніше
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