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Nuclear waste is very difficult to get (1) _______ of, not only because it cannot be stored safely, but also because it (2) _______ dangerous for thousands of years. Nuclear researchers are currently debating if nuclear waste (3) _______ in tunnels on the sea bed or buried (4) _______ under the ground. In addition, the places where nuclear waste is stored have (5) _______ in some way to prevent people (6) _______ digging into them or simply going too (7) _______ to them.Подробнее
The non-psychoactive form of cannabis was used (1) _______ a food crop by rural populations across Eurasia in ancient times, (2) _______ ancient Rome, Egypt, and China. Cannabis seeds were used to make oil and flour, which became porridge or (3) _______ desserts. One of the names for ancient China was “the land of hemp and mulberry.” Hemp, known as ma, began (4) _______ in seed form during the Chou dynasty.Подробнее
Soon, you may be able to walk into (1) _______ McDonalds, tap your order on a “Create Your Taste” touch screen, and receive a burger (2) _______ your specifications. Avocado and (3) _______ parmesan on your sandwich? No problem. McDonalds isn’t the first fast food chain (4) _______ giving customers more control over their orders using technology (though there’s a fair (5) _______ of debate about whether customization is really the best way forward for the struggling company).Подробнее
Test 8
Correct the words in bold We often visit our friends in Bristol, that is only 20 miles away.My husband looks much nicer without his beard, which made him to look a bit older.The other day we visited the city Museum, in which I had never was before.The part of town where I live is very noisy at night which makes it difficulty to sleep.My friend didn't like the film but I thought it was interesting rather.Sue stepped back, as if she noticed someone to walk after.Подробнее
Big Frank (1) _______ his hair styled at the hairdresser's when a lorry smashed into a car, outside. (2) _______ in a cape, his hair divided with aluminium clips, Frank, an ex-paratrooper corporal raced out to the car and found the driver (3) _______. The lorry driver, however, (4) _______ over the wheel, unconscious. Big Frank lost no time in applying his army (5) _______ cardiopulmonary resurrection techniques, including mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.Подробнее
The tiger is as / like a large cat. There are many other animals like large cats, but the tiger is the largest and the strongest of all this / these animals. Tigers live in Africa, India and in some parts of China. The best / The better food for tigers is meat, so they kill other animals and eat them. If a tiger is hungry, it can to kill / kill a man and eat him. People in China catch tigers with / by a mirror.Подробнее
Some games and electronics have clearly been (0) designed (design) to appeal to a wide spectrum of ages. Indeed, the games console seems to have been marketed as something (1) ________ by all the family. I recently (2) ________ my hands on a helicopter battle game (3) ________ Sky Challenger. The packaging stated that it was for those (4) ________ 8 and upwards. Since I (5) ________ into the recommended age bracket, I thought I (6 ) ________ it a go.Подробнее
Tiger stripes are unique – (1) _______ your fingerprints. This is (2) _______ scientists can tell tigers apart. When tigers are mature they (3) _______ together only for mating. They communicate (4) _______ scent, voice, and signs like claw marks (5) _______ on trees. Tigers have no predators, but humans. Because wild tigers only come together to mate, they don’t always share a habitat (6) _______ .Подробнее
Fill in a, an, the or _ ___ cheetah is ___ world’s fastest land animal.There is no feeling on __earth like winning for the first time.__ Earth rotates round the sun.__Mars and __Earth have orbits which change with time.__Most cats hunt for mice.The plants should not grow in __dim light.It is scary to go so far in __ dark.__ captain always keeps a log .__Captain Cook reached __ Gape of Good Hope in spring of 1771.__Saint Helena is a volcanic tropical island in __ South Atlantic Ocean.Подробнее
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