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I sat in on an English lesson at the Gamal Abdel Nasser Secondary School. The Scottish instructor - one of three Britons (1)_________ in the Yemeni school system – was drilling the class in the difference between the 'present simple' and the 'present continuous' .There were twenty very thin, very eager boys aged between about fourteen and twenty-two. They were part of that tiny educated leaven in a country which has an illiteracy rate of (2)_________ , and they had tense, ambitious faces.Детальніше
The prize, launched in 1969, aims to promote the finest in fiction by (1)_______ the best novel of the year written in English and published in the United Kingdom. (2)_______ the consistent excellence of The Man Booker Prize, judges (3)_______ from a wide range of disciplines, including critics, writers and academics, but also poets, politicians and actors, all with a passion (4)_______ quality fiction.Детальніше
by Donna Pianka adapted Every child must (1) _______ to enjoy camp life, as it makes children (2) _______ , and independent. It is important for a child (3) _______ a camp that suits a child’s age and interest. Modern kids prefer cyber camps (4) _______ will be taught everything about computers; these camps (5) _______ to foster a creative environment where children (6) _______ specific computer skills and the importance of teamwork. The cyber world is extremely complex.Детальніше
Hinemoa was the daughter of a Maori chief which / who lived on the shore of a great lake in New Zealand. One day Hinemoa’s father gave a great feast at which / at that all young men were present. Each young man tried to dance as well as / as good as he could because each hoped winning / to win the heart and hand of the young lady. But Hinemoa liked only one of them the most / most of all.Детальніше
Nuclear waste is very difficult to get (1) _______ of, not only because it cannot be stored safely, but also because it (2) _______ dangerous for thousands of years. Nuclear researchers are currently debating if nuclear waste (3) _______ in tunnels on the sea bed or buried (4) _______ under the ground. In addition, the places where nuclear waste is stored have (5) _______ in some way to prevent people (6) _______ digging into them or simply going too (7) _______ to them.Детальніше
The non-psychoactive form of cannabis was used (1) _______ a food crop by rural populations across Eurasia in ancient times, (2) _______ ancient Rome, Egypt, and China. Cannabis seeds were used to make oil and flour, which became porridge or (3) _______ desserts. One of the names for ancient China was “the land of hemp and mulberry.” Hemp, known as ma, began (4) _______ in seed form during the Chou dynasty.Детальніше
Soon, you may be able to walk into (1) _______ McDonalds, tap your order on a “Create Your Taste” touch screen, and receive a burger (2) _______ your specifications. Avocado and (3) _______ parmesan on your sandwich? No problem. McDonalds isn’t the first fast food chain (4) _______ giving customers more control over their orders using technology (though there’s a fair (5) _______ of debate about whether customization is really the best way forward for the struggling company).Детальніше
Correct the words in bold We often visit our friends in Bristol, that is only 20 miles away.My husband looks much nicer without his beard, which made him to look a bit older.The other day we visited the city Museum, in which I had never was before.The part of town where I live is very noisy at night which makes it difficulty to sleep.My friend didn't like the film but I thought it was interesting rather.Sue stepped back, as if she noticed someone to walk after.Детальніше
Big Frank (1) _______ his hair styled at the hairdresser's when a lorry smashed into a car, outside. (2) _______ in a cape, his hair divided with aluminium clips, Frank, an ex-paratrooper corporal raced out to the car and found the driver (3) _______. The lorry driver, however, (4) _______ over the wheel, unconscious. Big Frank lost no time in applying his army (5) _______ cardiopulmonary resurrection techniques, including mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.Детальніше
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