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Bolton is a pupil at Wilson's, a highly academic grammar school (1____________ in 1615) in Wellington. Surrey. Last week he 2_________ into controversy when his father Bill Bolton, a 3____________ hospital worker, told John Simpson, the headmaster that his son wished to leave 4______________ he could devote himself to his computer consultancy (which the boy 5____________ from his bedroom).Детальніше
It is not necessary 1 _______________ the enormous 2 ______________ that blindness 3_______________ upon the ordinary procedures of 4_______________a living: we’re only too well aware that we’re in general more 5 ______________ on sight than on smell, touch of hearing. But it’s worth 6_______________ out that sight 7____________ the knowledge of the world we 8_____________ through our 9____________ senses.Детальніше
The day on which Emily Stockwell Turner. (1) __________ (to fall) of love with her husband began much like other days. Asusual, Emmy lay in bed twenty minuteslater than she should (2) __________ (to do), with her son Freddy (3) __________ ( play) cars over her legs, and when she finally got up it seemed as if things would (4) __________ (never to sort out).Детальніше
An infamous bell (1) __________ to Adolf Hitler could ring again after the town council in a small German village voted (2) __________ it.The local council in Herxheim am Berg, a town of about 700 people (3) __________ of Heidelberg, in southwest Germany, voted 10-3 Monday night to reject requests to remove the massive (4) __________ bronze bell at Kirche St. Jakobus, or the Church of St. Jacob. The bell bears a swastika and the inscription"Everything for the Fatherland — Adolf Hitler.Детальніше
by Sean Yarbrough Global warming has become a major concern of many environmentalists. Will (1)_________ efforts to protect our planet be successful? Twenty years ago, a U.S. Senate committee heard testimony(2)_________ climate change from NASA climatologist James Hansen. He told the committee that "the greenhouse effect has been detected, and it is changing our climate now.Детальніше
Read the instructions? Nah… well at least not until (1) _________ wrong. Wear the right gear? Nah… I’ll be ok.Детальніше
Dave tells us about a problem on the job (1) _________ years back, that could easily be solved now by always making sure you have a cellphone handy and fully (2) _________ , just in case you (3) _________ yourself stuck somewhere you didn’t quite intend to be… “25 years ago, I (4) _________ the interior of a two-storey house. This day I was upstairs, (5) _________ ceilings with anaglypta paper. I had an assistant giving me a hand.Детальніше
When Tip O'Neill said, 'All politics is local,' he was talking about the way political issues (1)_________ by local interests. Defence policy, for example, logically (2)_________ an overview of national-security needs, yet it (3) _________ by employment levels in factories that happen to (4)_________ defence contracts and are in the district of an influential congressman. In (5) _________ cases, local interest debases the issue with a shortsighted and self-serving perspective.Детальніше
After eating too (1) _______ , have you ever felt like that dude from Alien (2) _______ stomach explodes? We all have. How much can the human stomach hold? It’s tempting (3) _______ your stomach to a balloon. Both start out small when empty. The difference? If you (4) _______ up a balloon, pressure and volume have a fixed relationship—as pressure goes up, (5) _______ volume. That relationship in the stomach, though, isn’t (6) _______ so.Детальніше
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