​3D Printers: Can

Level: B1

Food industry

3D printers can print out food. This way food waste can become minimal and cooking process can be cleaner. Printing can help the food crisis. Chefs can make molds for complex cake designs too. Physical objects can become edible by printers. People can reduce the plastic use because printers can reuse it many times to make food bags.


Modern 3D printers can print bones, tissues, skin and even organs. 3D scans can help to find donors faster. Surgeons can practice surgeries on 3D prints. Medical students can learn better. Nicer prosthetics can be made too. They can become more customized.


3D printers can also help with planes. People can make cheap plane parts. Printers can use fewer materials in production. Industrial pollution can shrink. Printers can build houses as well. Homes can become cheaper and quicker to make. Building can take only 24 hours. Printers can print out the floor and walls. They can use soil and rice husk as materials. There is now a printed house in France.

Clothes and shoes

Printers can print clothes too. With a printer everyone can design their own T-shirt on a computer and print it. Sneakers can be printed as well. People can use liquid materials to make sneakers. Printed sneakers can move with a feet when on a run. Other uses. People can also print an artificial coral reef. It can be home for fish and other sea animals. There is an artificial coral reef in Maldives.

Comprehension tasks:

  1. Translate the words. Then read the sentences with them from a text: waste, cheap, liquid, husk, construct, pollution, artificial, skin, molds, fewer, own, prosthetics, customized, only, surgeons, learn, reuse, modern, tissues, edible, times, become.
  2. Choose 3 words and write sentences with them. Read your sentences to a partner. Ask them to translate.
  3. Where 3D printers can be used? How can it help with each product?

Critical thinking:

  1. How can 3D printers change: shopping/ traveling/restaurant visits?
  2. Imagine that you are a journalist in 1980s. Computers are a very modern technology. Write about how they can change life for people. Use dictionary and internet for help. 

by Maryna Denega

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