A Bad Eyesight

A young man was called up for army service, but he didn't want to become a soldier. When he went for his medical exam, he pretended that his eyesight was very bad.

The doctor pointed ti the eye chart on the wall and said, «Please read the top line.»

«The top line of what?» the young man asked.

The top line of the chart,» the doctor replied.

«What chart?» the man asked.

«The one on the wall» the doctor said.

«What wall?» the man asked.

Finally the doctor decided that the man's eyes were not good enough for army service.

That evening the same young man was at a movie when another man came in and sat next to him in the dark. When the lights went on, the young man saw that hisneighbor was the doctor who had examined him earlier. Immediately he said, «Excuse me, ma'am, but does this bus go to the Main Street?»

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. What did the young man do to avoid military service?
  2. What did he say when the doctor said, «Please read the top line of the chart»?
  3. What did the doctor decided at last?
  4. Where did the young man go that evening?
  5. Who sat down next to him?
  6. What did the young man say when the light went on?
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