​A Brave Boy: Grammar Story Past Simple

Many years ago Indians lived in the woods of North America. They were brave people. Their sons were brave too. They were brave even when they were very young. They were not afraid of anything.

The little Indian boy’s name was Little. He was only ten years old. One night the boy came the fire. There were men round the fire. The night was dark. It was cold. One man gave the boy a bucket. He told him: “Go to the lake and bring a bucket of water”. The lake was far. It was at the end of the wood. The boy was afraid to go into the wood at night, because there were many wild animals there.

The boy went to the lake. He walked slowly. He heard many noises in the wood. He began to run. He fell down, then he stood up and ran again. At last he came to the lake, took a bucket of water from it and walked back. But he heard the noise again and he began to run. He stumbled and stumbled. When he came to the fire there was little water in the bucket.

The old Indian man took the bucket. He looked into it. Then he threw the water on the grass and told the boy to go to the lake again. The boy went to the lake again. In the wood he heard different noises again. He was afraid and he ran. When he came to the lake, he took only half a bucket of water, because he was tired. He ran back with it. When he came back, the man threw the water on the grass again. He told the boy: ”Do not run and bring a bucket full of water”.

The boy ran to the lake again. At the lake he took a full bucket of water and walked very slowly. He thought that animals walked after him. When he came back, all the men round the fire saw that this time the bucket was full of water. The old man took the boy’s hand and said: “Brave boy!” Another man came up to him and took his hand. “Brave boy!” he said. “You are brave because you are stronger than fear!”

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