A Costly Plumber

Al Brown is very good at fixing things around the house when they break. One day he goes to another city to do some work there, and his wife is alone in the house.

While Mr. Brown is away, one of the faucets on the bathtub breaks. Mrs. Brown does not know much about fixing broken faucets, so she telephones a plumber.

The plumber comes to the house that afternoon and fixes the faucet in a few minutes. When he finishes, he gives Mrs. Brown his bill for the work.

She looks at it for several seconds and then says, "Your prices are very high, aren't they? Do you know, the doctor costs less than this when he comes to the house?"

"Yes, I know," answers the plumber. "I know that very well, because I am a doctor. I am lucky enough to find this job of a plumber."

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк
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