A Forgetful Patient

Mr. Clark worked in an office, and he did a lot of important and difficult work, but then he began to forget things, and this made his work very difficult. One day he said to himself, «I'm going to go and see Dr. Martin about this.»

He waited in the doctor's waiting-room with the other patients, and then the nurse said to him, «You can go in and see Dr. Martin now.»

Mr. Clark hurried into Dr. Martin's office, and the doctor said «Please sit down, Mr. Clark. What can I do for you?»

«Oh, doctor,» said Mr. Clark, «it's terrible. I can't remember anything for longer than half a minute, and it's making my work very difficult. What can I do? Can you help me?»

The doctor said, «When did this start, Mr. Clark?»

«When did what start ?» Mr. Clark asked.


  1. Where did Mr. Clark work?
  2. What happened to him?
  3. What did he say to himself.'
  4. What did he say to the doctor?
  5. What did the doctor ask him?
  6. What did Mr. Clark answer?
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