A Garbage Collector

John was ten years old, and he was a very lazy boy. He had to go to school of course, but he was bored there and tried to do as little work as possible. His father and mother were both doctors and they hoped that he would become one, too, when he grew up, but one day John said to his mother, «When I finish school, I want to become a, garbage collector.»

«A garbage collector?» his mother said. She was very surprised. «That's not a very pleasant job. Why do you want to become a garbage collector?»

«Because then I'd only have to work one day a week,» John answered.

«Only one day a week?» his mother said. «What do you mean?» «Well,» John answered, «I know that the ones who come to our house only work on Wednesday, because I only see them on that day.»

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. What kind of boy was John?
  2. What did his parents want him to be when he grew up?
  3. What did John say he wanted to be?
  4. Why did John want this job?
  5. How did his mother feel about this?
  6. Why did John think that garbage collector only worked one day a week?
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