A Glass of Tea

One day when I left the office for home I felt thirsty. I decided to come to the nearest restaurant. When I came in I noticed that the restaurant was very comfortable. There were polite and friendly waiters. One of them showed me to the vacant table and gave me the menu. As I was thirsty I asked for a glass of tea. I didn't want lemon at that moment. So I asked for tea without lemon. The waiter said that it was impossible, because there was no tea without lemon on the menu. Then I explained to the waiter that if there wasn't tea without lemon on the menu it didn't mean it was impossible. The waiter was confused. He said again and again that he didn't have tea without lemon as there wasn't any on the menu.

Finally I asked him to bring me tea and lemon on a saucer. I drank the tea without lemon but paid for it the price as for the tea with a piece of lemon. I didn't feel thirsty any more, though I wasn't too pleased.

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