A Little Traveler

Vicente Cabrera is a Mexican farmer. He works in the fields every day. His son, Tomas, is three years old. Tomas often goes to the fields with his father. Mr. Cabrera works, and Tomas plays.

One day Mr. Cabrera went to a field with Tomas. Tomas sat on a rock while Mr. Cabrera worked. Mr. Cabrera looked up from his work. Tomas wasn't on the rock. Mr. Cabrera looked in the field for Tomas. Tomas wasn't there. Mr. Cabrera ran to his house and looked for Tomas. Tomas wasn't there. Mr. Cabrera looked everywhere for Tomas. He couldn't find him.

The Cabrera farm is close to the border between Mexico and the United States. There is a fence at the border, but there are holes in the fence. "Maybe Tomas crawled through a hole in the fence," Mr. Cabrera thought. "Maybe Tomas is in the United States."

The Mexican police telephoned the U.S. Border Patrol. "We need your help," they said. The Mexican police told the U.S. Border Patrol officers about Tomas.

The U.S. Border Patrol officers began to look for Tomas in the United States. They were worried. The land near the border is desert. It is hot in the daytime and cold at night. A small boy can't live long in the desert.

Tomas disappeared on Friday afternoon. On Saturday night a U.S. Border Patrol officer saw small footprints in the sand. He followed the footprints to a bush. Under the bush he found Tomas. Tomas was cold, hungry, and thirsty. He had cuts on his feet and face. But he was alive. He was 15 miles1 from his home.

1 24 kilometers

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