A Love Story

Anna is talking to her father. "Papa," Anna says. "I'm in love, and I want to get married. I want to marry Iztok."

"Iztok!" Anna's father says. "No! You can't marry Iztok. He's an artist. Artists don't make a lot of money. Marry an engineer. Engineers make a lot of money."

Anna tells Iztok, "I can't marry you. I'm going to marry an engineer."

Iztok is silent for a few minutes. Then he kisses Anna. "OK," he tells Anna. "Marry your engineer. Maybe he can make money. But can he kiss?" Iztok walks away.

Anna marries an engineer. She and her husband have three children. But Anna is not happy with her husband. She thinks about Iztok every day.

Iztok gets married, too. He and his wife have two children. But Iztok is not happy with his wife. He thinks about Anna every day.

Many years later, Anna divorces her husband, and Iztok divorces his wife. Then Iztok and Anna get married. Anna is 45 years old, and Iztok is 51. They are not young. But they are in love. And they are finally happy.

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