A New Man

The man in the first picture lives in Northern Ireland. His name is Roley McIntyre. Roley McIntyre was big — he was very big. He weighed 600 pounds. 1

For lunch Roley ate ten pieces of bacon, four eggs, ten potatoes, and fried vegetables. For dinner he ate meat and more potatoes, and after dinner he always ate dessert. Before he went to bed, he ate a few sandwiches and some cake.

Roley couldn't drive a regular car because he was too big. He couldn't fit in the front seat. Roley had a special car. It had no front seat. Roley drove his car from the back seat.

One day Roley went to the doctor. The doctor said, "Mr. McIntyre, you have a special car. Now you need to buy a special coffin — a coffin for a very big man. You have to lose weight, or you're going to die soon."

Roley went on a diet. For breakfast he ate cereal with nonfat milk. For lunch he ate baked beans on toast. For dinner he ate fish and vegetables.

After Roley began to lose weight, he met a pretty woman. Her name was Josephine. Josephine told Roley, "Don't stop your diet."

Roley didn't stop his diet. He continued to lose weight. In 18 months he lost 400 pounds. 2

Two years after Roley started his diet, he and Josephine got married. You can see them together in the second picture. Roley and Josephine are wearing a pair of Roley's old pants.

1 272 kilograms

2 181 kilograms

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