A Quad Bike

Level: A2

Activity: Reading

A quad bike has four wheels: two front wheels and two back wheels. When the wheels revolve a quad bike moves. 

Outside the wheel there is a tire. There are front tires and back tires

On a handlebar there is a lever. This lever connects to the brake cable. The brake cable operates the braking mechanism. If you pull a brake lever a quad bike brakes. 

The engine sends the power and a quad bike moves. 

With a speedometer on a handle bar you can control your speed. 

A rider sits on a seat and drives.


  1. How many wheels has a quad bike?
  2. What wheels has a quad nike?
  3. When can a quad bike move?
  4. Where is a tire?
  5. What tires are there?
  6. Where is a lever?
  7. What connects to the brake cable?
  8. What operates the braking mechanism?
  9. When can a quad bike brake?
  10. What sends the power?
  11. How can you control your speed?
  12. Where does a rider sit?
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