A Visit to the Theater

Mr. Smith left his car outside his apartment one night, as usual, but when he came down the next morning to his office, he discovered that the car wasn't there. He called the police and told them what had happened, and they said that they would try to find the car.

When Mr. Smith came home from his office that evening, the car was back again in its usual place in front of his house. He examined it carefully to see whether it had been damaged, and found two theater tickets on one of the seats and a letter which said, «We're very sorry. We took your car because of an emergency.»

Mr. and Mrs. Smith went to the theater with the two tickets next night and enjoyed themselves very much.

When they got home, they found that thieves had taken almost everything they had had in their apartment.

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. What did Mr. Smith discover when he left his apartment one morning?
  2. What did he do about this?
  3. What did he see when he got back home that evening?
  4. What did he find on one of the seats?
  5. What did Mr. and Mrs. Smith do with the tickets?
  6. What happened when they got home?
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