About Lucy

Lucy is from Los Angeles in the USA. She is a school girl. She is 11 years old. Lucy lives in a big house with a garden in Melrose Place. Her mom and dad are lawyers. They are a happy family.
Lucy usually gets up at half past seven to an alarm-clock. Lucy opens her eyes and looks at the clock. She goes to the bathroom, cleans her teeth and washes her hands and face.
Then she does her morning exercises. It takes her about 15 minutes then takes a shower. At eight o'clock she has breakfast. Then she dresses and puts her shoes on and leaves home. She goes to school by bus.
The school starts at 9. She usually has five classes every day. She has six classes only on Monday. She often has lunch at school canteen with other kids. Lunches are always tasty and fun.
Lucy loves studying very much. Her favourite classes are Science and Languages. She learns Spanish and French. She can speak Spanish very well. Lucy also plays soccer for the school girls’ team. Her team has their trainings three times a week.
In the evenings after she does her homework Lucy goes out to the mall with her friends. They sometimes have pizza at an Italian restaurant or watch a movie in the local cinema.
When she comes home she helps her mom with diner and speaks to her parents about their day for a while. She doesn’t watch TV, she likes surfing the Internet more.
She takes a shower and kisses her parents before she goes to bed at about 11 at night.

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