Accepting Invitations

Letters of accepting invitation are written in reply to invitations either in formal or informal style. It depends on an event you are invited toand recipient-sender relations. There can be different occasions for invitation: outstanding events, business events, social events, personal social events, for a job interview, joining a company / organisation, as a speaker or performer, seasonal parties, holidays, tests, shows, trade conferences, seminars, etc.

Greeting a recipient

Formal Semi-formal / Informal
Dear Sir / Dear Madam, Dear friend,
Dear Mr Brown, Hello,
Dear Ms Brown, Hi,
Mr. Smith, (very formal) -
Dr. Doe, (very formal) -

Paragraph 1


Opening remarks

Reason for writing started with gratitude for receiving the invitation to the event. Mention the occasion, date and venue where and when the event is going to be held.

Paragraphs 2 - 3.

Formal Semi-formal / Informal
Thank you for your kind invitation to… I ‘m happy to accept your invitation to…
Thank you for inviting us to be part of… I simply can’t pass up your exciting invitation…
We are delighted to receive the invitation to your… Thanks for inviting me …
I was pleased that you would invite me to attend Thanks for your kindness in asking me…
I am pleased to accept your invitation to join… I’m writing to thank you for the kind invitation…
I am honoured to accept the invitation to join your… Thanks for the invitation to…
I gratefully accept your invitation to… It sounds lovely…
I accept with pleasure your invitation to… We’re thrilled to receive your invitation to ….
I appreciate your gracious invitation to… -
I was flattered by your invitation to… -
Thank you for the kind invitation which I would be honoured to accept … -

Main Body

Express your acceptance to the invitation; note that you look forward to attending the event; further comments on your emotions, details of an occasion, remarks on the correct address and directions, remarks on anything needed to be prepared prior to the event, etc.

Final Paragraph


Closing remarks

Formal Semi-formal / Informal
I look forward to seeing you... See you then
We wait the event with great anticipation We're really looking forward to it
I will be happy to attend and eagerly look forward to … It’ll be my pleasure to come to…
Thank you for thinking of us on this occasion. I can't wait to watch as…
Once again, I appreciate your kindness. Again, thank you very much for inviting me.
I gladly accept the invitation. We’re looking forward to being a part of this beautiful celebration

(Full) name

Sample of an informal letter accepting an invitation

Hi (Friend’s name),

I got your invitation for (daughter’s name)’s birthday party, and I would be glad to attend. I can’t believe she’s 3 already! Seems like just yesterday you were bringing her home. I will definitely be at (location) on (date).

See you then!

(Your name)

Sample of a formal letter accepting an invitation.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead,

Thank you for the invitation to the wedding of Janet and Roger. Mr. Wainwright and I accept the invitation, but unfortunately Kate will not be able to attend.

We are looking forward to a beautiful and joyous celebration for the happy couple.

Please advise if there is a wedding gift registry.

Yours Sincerely,

Judith Wainwright

Ideas for writing a letter accepting an invitation

  1. Accept an invitation tojoin a group of friends on a one day trip.
  2. Accept an invitation for a birthday party of your relative/friend/colleague/business partner, etc.
  3. Accept an invitation for lunch/ dinner, business lunch, etc.
  4. Accept an invitation to join a group of friends for a sport occasion: to play football, tennis, basketball, to skate, to ski, etc
  5. Accept an invitation to be a chief guest/a speaker/ a presenter on a special occasion: a performance, a seminar, a dispute, an anniversary, a lecture ,etc.
  6. Accept a wedding invitation/ a wedding anniversary/engagement party(betrothal ceremony)invitation.
  7. Accept an invitation to a significant social event: graduation party, school leaving party (prom),retirement party, inauguration day, etc
  8. Accept an invitation to a personal social event:house warming party,a barbecue, camping together, sunbathing together, etc.
  9. Accept an invitation to a significant business event: grand opening of a new business centre/ branch, partners’ meeting, conference, etc.
  10. Accept an invitation to an outstanding show business/ mass media event: to be a chief guest of a TV show, Awards Ceremony, radio programme guest, etc.
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