Active and Passive in Short

Present Simple - regular action, timetables, schedules

Active: speak(s)

Passive: is / am / are spoken

Past Simple - finished known when / where 

Active: spoke

Passive: was / were spoken

Future Simple - not planned / spontaneous action 

Active: will speak 

Passive: will be spoken

Present Continuous - now, around now, planned actions, changes

Active: is/am/are speaking

Passive: is / am / are being spoken

Past Continuous - temporary past

Active: was / were speaking

Passive: was / were being spoken

Future Continuous - temporary future

Active: will be speaking

Passive: ---

Present Perfect - finished / period up to now

Active: have / has spoken

Passive: have / has been spoken

Past Perfect - finished before another past

Active: had spoken

Passive: had been spoken

Future Perfect - finished before another future

Active: will have spoken

Passive: will have been spoken

Present Perfect Continuous - period up to now

Active: have/has been speaking

Passive: ---

Past Perfect Continuous - period before another past

Active:had been speaking

Passive: ---

Future perfect Continuous - period before another future

Active: will have been speaking

Passive: ---

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