Adverbial Clause of Concession

However tired you may be…



Though + Subject + may / might + Predicate…

Though you may / might be tired I urgently need to talk with you.

Adjective / adverb + though / as + Subject + Predicate…

Tired though you may / might be, you will listen to me.

Hardly though you may / might sleep, you have to look after the children.

Stubborn as she might be, I will persuade her.

No matter + link + Subject + Predicate…

No matter what you say, I do not believe you.

No matter how tired you are, you will complete the task.

Wh + ever + Subject + Predicate…

However busy you may be, you will spare me a minute.

Whatever you may do, it will not change my mind.

Although + Subject + may / might Predicate…

Although he might be wrong, just listen to him.

may / might + have (been) verbED / III column for a prio action in concession

Whatever he might have done in the past, he is still dependent on you.

may / might are not used for factual ideas, not supposed ideas

Hot though it is, we shall go to the beach.

Though it was late the streets were full of people.


  1. Whatever obstacles may arise, we shall not give up.
  2. Although she may not admit her fault, it is evident.
  3. However ashamed of your misbehaviour you might be, it is never late to change it.
  4. No matter what dangers are ahead, I must move on.
  5. Whoever and whatever you may be, I do not trust a word you say.
  6. Whenever you might come or ring, you are always welcome.
  7. Wherever they may travel, they will find a shelter to stay.
  8. Whenever you may decide you need me, I shall come.
  9. However interesting this problem might be we can't discuss it now. Difficult as the problem might be we'll have to solve it.
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