Always Singular - Never Plural

Nouns that are
Always Singular

Names of substances considered generally:

bread; cream; gold ; paper;
tea; beer; dust; ice;
sand; water; cloth; gin;
jam; soap; wine; coffee;
glass; oil; stone; wood.

Abstract nouns:

advice; experience; horror; pity;
beauty; fear; information; relief;
courage; help; knowledge; suspicion;
death; hope; mercy; work.

Other nouns:

baggage; camping; damage;
evidence; furniture;
hair; information; knowledge; luggage; machinery; money; news;
parking; rubbish; research;
shopping; weather.
Advice is what one should not be ashamed of asking.

Here is the pocket money my uncle has sent me today. It will be enough to settle all my debts.

The latest news from the Middle East countries is disturbing.

There is enough evidence to suggest that job stress may increase a man's risk of dying from heart disease.

Reliable evidence about everyday clothing from the past is hard to obtain.

There is a lot of machinery in the shop and skilled workers operate it.

A lot of research is conducted in the laboratory.

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