Amazing Life Story

Amanda is 38 years old. She is a cheerful and pretty woman from New York. Her life story is amazing.

It happened when she was three months old. The girl received severe burns from the steam boiler. The doctors of New York saved her life, but Amanda’s face was covered with a lot of scars.

The woman who Amanda owes life is a nurse,who restored her to health.

Amanda had a few black and white photos, which reminded her of those days when she was in the hospital.

When Amanda was a teenager, her peers often teased and bullied her, because Amanda’s face looked awry. When the girl ran away from her teasers in tears, she took these photos and looked them over and over for hours.

Amanda felt sincere love and tenderness, that the young nurse radiated when she held the child in her arms. These feelings filled Amanda with the power to move ahead with no offence.

Amanda spoke with the woman from the photo for hours with no knowing her name but feeling her love and care.

Now when Amanda is 38, she decided to find the nurse from the photos. She posted the photos in the World Wide Web and asked her friends to share them to succeed in search.

Soon one man recognised his colleague in the photo; her name is Sue Berger.

They met in the same hospital 38 years after. Both of them could not help crying.

Amanda is grateful to the nurse for her kindness and sympathy, which, are unfortunately, not so frequent today.

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