An Expensive Necklace

A small store sold a lot of nice jewelry, and the owner was always very careful to prevent people from stealing it. One

day a thief came and tried to steal a beautiful necklace, but the owner

of the store caught him immediately and went to the telephone to call

the police to come and arrest him.

«Please don't do it!» the thief said. «I have a wife and three children at home. And I'll pay for the necklace.»

The owner of the store felt sorry for the man and he didn't want to have a lot of trouble with the police, so he accepted the man's offer to pay for the necklace and went to prepare a bill for it. But when he gave it to the thief, the man looked disturbed and said, «I wasn't intending to get anything as expensive as that. Do you have something cheaper?»

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. What did the store owner catch a man doing?
  2. What did the store owner do?
  3. What did the thief say?
  4. Why did the store owner accept the man's offer?
  5. What did the store owner do?
  6. What did the thief say then?
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